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g-f(2)738 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (12/17/2021), Daily Mail, Artificial intelligence can now predict who will develop DEMENTIA with 92% accuracy, breakthrough study reveals

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Artificial intelligence systems have been developed to predict whether someone will develop dementia within two years, with 92 per cent accuracy, its developers claim.

  • Professor David Llewellyn, an Alan Turing fellow based at the University of Exeter, who oversaw the study, said the machine learning algorithm can predict who will develop dementia within two years.
    • 'We're also excited to learn that our machine-learning approach was able to identify patients who may have been misdiagnosed,' he said.
    • 'This has the potential to reduce the guesswork in clinical practice and significantly improve the diagnostic pathway.'
  • Data from 15,300 patients in the US was used to train the AI by researchers from the University of Exeter, teaching it who would and wouldn't go on to develop dementia. 

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        Lessons learned, Daily Mail

        • Prof Llewellyn added that it would help 'families access the support they need as swiftly and as accurately as possible.'
        • The research suggests AI can not only accurately predict who will be diagnosed with dementia, but has the potential to improve the accuracy of the diagnoses.  
        • Machine learning works by using patient information routinely available in the clinic, such as memory and brain function, performance on cognitive tests and specific lifestyle factors.

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        Lessons learned, Daily Mail 

        • The team plans follow-up studies to evaluate the practical use of the machine-learning method in clinics, to assess whether it can be rolled out to improve diagnosis, treatment and care.
        • Dr Rosa Sancho, head of research at Alzheimer's Research UK, which funded the research, said it has a huge potential for improving disease detection.
        • He said: 'Artificial intelligence has huge potential for improving early detection of the diseases that cause dementia and could revolutionise the diagnosis process for people concerned about themselves or a loved one showing symptoms.

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