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Family firms comprise 80% to 90% of all business enterprises in North America. Family businesses provide a growing opportunity for women—24% of family businesses have a female CEO or president. Additionally, 31.3% of firms indicate that the next successor will be a woman.
  • Debra Sandler, founder and CEO of Mavis Foods, and her daughter Kiah created a family legacy through a family recipe, Bazodee Caribbean sauces. What started out as her aunt Mavis’ passion and creation has now turned into bringing the taste of the island into kitchens across the country. 

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Cheryl Robinson


I’m an international speaker, author and founder of Ready2Roar. Under my LLC, I develop leadership workshops for corporations and host the Embrace the Pivot & Ummm, No! Podcasts. For the past four years, I’ve studied how individuals pivot in their careers. Additionally, I successfully defended my dissertation making me a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership. My 15-year journey in the Sports and Entertainment industry includes assisting Hollywood agents and former NBA players, helping manage a boxer, involvement with the 2014 NYNJ Super Bowl and the ideation and execution of two major conferences. I have experienced many highs and lows being an entrepreneur. I take all my experiences, learn from them and help others bounce forward and embrace their pivots.

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  • “My role as a single mother is to make sure that I am building generational wealth,” Sandler expresses. “We don’t always have it in black families. I was a good earner, but especially as you get older, you start thinking about, ‘how do I set this thing up that all that I’ve earned long after I’m gone my great, great-grandchildren are benefiting in some way?’”
  • Sandler started her career at Pepsi Co., working in marketing as a vice president. The combination of the science and art behind marketing drove her career. She enjoyed creating and innovating new products and understanding the consumers’ mindsets. 

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Her fondness for business models emerged 

  • After 13 years at the beverage company, Johnson & Johnson hired her on to launch Splenda. That project was the catalyst to create a new consumer division within the conglomerate focusing on nutrition. Sandler pivoted from a vice president to president. Working at the internal startup, her fondness for business models emerged. 
  • The pandemic did provide challenges, like every business faced, with production, manufacturing and distribution. However, Sandler and her team overcame the obstacles and are back on track with the brand’s vision. Transitioning from direct-to-consumer to now selling the product through a home shopping network is in the near future. 
  • “This takes courage,” Sandler concludes. “If you don’t take that first step, it will never happen. I know so many people who have great ideas but are afraid to act on them. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a certain amount of fear that is required. You have to be realistic. It’s not easy, but it’s so rewarding to go for something that you’re really passionate about. There is a pain in wanting and yearning for something that you never go for. I would say take that first step. Even if it’s a little baby step, take the first step.”

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