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This is a new era for family businesses. To succeed in this turbulent period, family businesses must adopt new practices at not only the operations level, but also at the ownership level. In fact, most of the bold, important movements required for family businesses to stay alive and succeed for another generation are owner-level decisions. They must be made by family owners who have a strategic perspective and an owner mindset.
  • During this pre-recorded event, professor John Davis explores the owner perspective, owner-level decisions, and how to architect governance to make these strategic decisions for the family business and family assets.

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Family Business Success Today: Beyond Operations, To Ownership



John A. Davis

John A. Davis is a Senior Lecturer in the Family Enterprise Executive Programs at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is a globally recognized pioneer and authority on issues related to the family enterprise, family wealth, and the family office. Since the 1970s, he has been a leading researcher, professor, author, advisor, and speaker on family enterprise, and is the creator of some of the field’s most impactful conceptual frameworks. His insights help to develop leaders, strengthen families, professionalize businesses and family offices, grow shareholder value, and pass sustainable enterprises to the next generation.

A renowned academic and shaper of the family enterprise field, Davis teaches family business and family office management, and strategies for family enterprises to position themselves for the future.  

Trained in management, psychology, and economics, Davis has advised multigenerational family enterprises in more than 65 countries, including a number of the world’s leading enterprising families. He advises on sustaining long-term success; governance; family wealth; family office; ownership strategies; developing next generation talent; succession transitions; life and career planning; conflict resolution and family unity; selling the family business; and adapting to disruptive change, among others. He is founder and chairman of the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, a global organization he created in 1989 that is devoted to helping enterprising families achieve long-term and lasting success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth.

Davis is an award-winning teacher and researcher, and lifelong creator of innovative education courses and teaching materials. He is on the Advisory Council of the Inclusive Capitalism Programme on Purposeful Ownership at the Said Business School at the University of Oxford—a research study that explores current family ownership issues. During his 21 years on the faculty of Harvard Business School, Professor Davis founded and led Harvard’s family business management area and was founding faculty chair of the Families in Business program. He created and led the MBA course, Management of the Family Business, to explore the management, career, and personal issues found in family-owned companies, and taught family business management and leadership in the Owner/President Management executive program, as well as in other programs and courses.

Peter Hirst

Senior Associate Dean, Executive Education

Peter Hirst leads a team of professionals who partner with clients and faculty to design, develop, and deliver innovative and impactful executive education programs for individuals and companies. He has over twenty years of experience in international strategy, technology consulting, and organizational leadership and development.

His past roles have included: CEO of the commercialization, consulting, and executive education business of the London School of Economics; Senior Science and Technology Policy Officer and Westminster Fellow in the UK’s Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, where he advised MPs and Peers of all parties on policy issues in the physical sciences, defense, IT, and entrepreneurship. Peter has served as director and board adviser to businesses and non-profit organizations on three continents. He served as an elected board member (2014-2020) and chair (2018-2019) of Unicon, the international industry association for university-based executive education; is a board director and current co-chair of FRED Leadership, a collaboration between educators and business leaders to elevate the field of ethical leadership; is a founding director of the Internet of Things Talent Consortium; and is a director and former president of the British American Business Council of New England.

In his philanthropic endeavors, Peter is a member of the advisory board of Self Help Africa, an international charity that enables economic development in Africa by supporting robust farm-to-fork supply chains to create sustainable business ecosystems in place of unreliable subsistence farming; and serves as a trustee and president of the American Foundation of Scotland’s University of St. Andrews.

Peter earned a First Class Degree with Joint Honors in physics and electronics (1989) followed by a PhD in physics (1992) from the University of St. Andrews. In 2012, he was named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by the HRM Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his service to British and American business and academia interests.

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Lessons learned, MIT Sloan Executive Education 

The New Formula for the Long Term Survival and Success of Family Enterprises

  • There are specific activities that a family-owned enterprise needs to be good at to survive and prosper today. The long-term success and survival of an enterprising family depends on doing these activities consistently well.
  • Renowned academic and shaper of the family enterprise field, MIT Sloan Professor John Davis speaks with IEDP’s Roddy Millar to reveal and dissect some of the key ingredients required today for the long-term survival and success of a family enterprise.

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Lessons learned, MIT Sloan Alumni

The Enduring Advantage of Family Businesses

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