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50 Global Hubs for Top AI Talent

  • We highlight the 50 cities with the largest AI talent pools worldwide and evaluate them using a framework that we have developed at Digital Planet: TIDE (for Talent pool; Investments; Diversity of talent; Evolution of the country’s digital foundations).
  • These factors collectively give companies a way to prioritize their AI talent sourcing choices by scoring the different locations on the concentration, quality and diversity of the AI talent pool. Our data on talent derives from the SeekOut database and location analyses of AI professionals active on social media, while investment data derives from venture capital data by city. The diversity measure combines several factors: the proportion of female AI workers, racial diversity and migrant acceptance along with the cost of living in a city. Digital evolution draws from the work we reported on earlier in the HBR.

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Lessons learned, HBR 

      • We know that there are big gaps to close when it comes to improving the diversity of the talent pool. Research done by our Digital Planet team at Tufts University’s Fletcher School shows that 17% of the AI talent pool is female as compared to 27% in STEM overall. Black workers constitute only 11.8% of the AI tech workforce, according to the Center for Security and Emerging Technology at Georgetown University.
      • A major barrier to addressing this problem is that skilled workers and other key resources cluster around a small number of urban hubs. 

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      Lessons learned, HBR 

      • The top 50 AI cities as measured by the TIDE framework are:

      There are several implications of this analysis.

      • While San Francisco leads in AI talent worldwide, there is a wider pool from which to draw. We find that in terms of AI talent concentration alone, the Bay Area is bigger than the combined total of the next two U.S. cities, Seattle and New York. 
      • The AI landscape is dynamic, especially in the developing world, and these changes can significantly transform the hotspots list over time. Brazil and India, for example, have cities on this list of 50 and are hiring three times as many AI workers as they were in 2017. 
      • Remote working can help spread AI activity more widely. With the growing acceptance of remote work, there are greater opportunities for cities that have a lower cost of living to become more important players in AI. 
      • Companies aiming to narrow the gender gap should consider cities with higher proportions of female AI talent. 
      • Company recruiters considering U.S. cities, must balance a tradeoff between size of the AI talent pool and its racial diversity. 
      • Companies can encourage national governments to consider immigration policy reforms that help with building more diverse AI talent pools, especially in the university systems. 
      • Companies can collaborate with local city governments to nurture vibrant hubs attractive to a tech workforce.

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