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g-f(2)745 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (12/20/2021), MIT SMR, Connecting With Customers in the Age of Acceleration

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Connecting With Customers in the Age of Acceleration

  • The pandemic forced companies to speed digital transformation and adapt to a virtual world. Customers are now rewarding those that offer the best experiences and engage authentically. To succeed in the next era, businesses and marketers must meet new expectations and build new strategies and skills.
  • Tamara Mendelsohn: The data points that are the most meaningful to our business are constantly evolving as our business evolves. This reinforces the need for teams to be consistently evaluating the data and assessing which metrics are the most meaningful.

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The MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) is a research-based magazine and digital platform for business executives published at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The print edition is published quarterly; the digital edition is updated daily.

The magazine (originally known as the Industrial Management Review) was established in 1959 by the MIT Sloan School of Management. In 2001, the magazine added the university (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to its official name and the magazine has been called MIT Sloan Management Review since then. It has transformed from its original, print-only, form to a multi-format platform. The magazine distributes content on the web, in print, on mobile platforms, in podcast format, and via licensees and libraries around the world.

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Lessons learned, MIT SMR 


1. How Customer Connections Can Help Drive Decision-Making for Marketers

2. Moving Beyond Trust: Making Customers Trust, Love, and Respect a Brand

3. How Marketers Can Address Data Challenges to Drive Growth

4. Developing Strategy for New Customer Expectations

5. Business Unusual: The Pandemic Forces a Social Reset

6. Want to Build Intimacy With Customers? Get to Know Digital Campfires

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Lessons learned, MIT SMR 

  • How Customer Connections Can Help Drive Decision-Making for Marketers. We aligned with the goal of helping our customers navigate uncertainty, we lobbied for our creator customers, we worked with Congress to secure relief for them, and we quickly shifted our product road map to make sure that we could support the move to virtual events.
  • Moving Beyond Trust: Making Customers Trust, Love, and Respect a Brand. The takeaways from our research are clear: To remain competitive amid uncertainty and shifting trends, companies must take building brand admiration seriously. We know that successful brands do so by offering enabling, enticing, and enriching benefits in authentic ways, and becoming an essential and indispensable part of their customer lives.
  • How Marketers Can Address Data Challenges to Drive Growth. The Marketing Analytics Canvas tool enables marketing leaders to step back and craft an approach that is driven by the business challenge so that they can then acquire the right data and employ a methodology to address the problem more effectively. By following an easy-to-use framework, marketers can avoid putting the proverbial cart before the horse.
  • Developing Strategy for New Customer Expectations. Common among these assumptions is the need to reexamine the leadership mindset before making serious decisions about how the organization will work in the future. A key thought process for making this shift is to identify deeply embedded assumptions and assess whether they are still true. Not every pre-pandemic assumption needs to be rejected. But, using lessons from the past two years and considering what’s to come, now is the right time to think carefully about the assumptions that rule your decision-making processes.
  • Business Unusual: The Pandemic Forces a Social Reset. The long-term value of a company is determined by its ability to remain relevant to its stakeholders in a manner that is credibly authentic. A brand strategy guides this journey, the exact nature of which will depend on customer characteristics and product category dynamics. Not every brand needs to take the same road or get to the same place. But every brand ought to have a reliable brand strategy road map at its disposal to navigate this new social reset.
  • Want to Build Intimacy With Customers? Get to Know Digital Campfires. Navigating this new landscape for the first time can feel intimidating for companies and brand leaders, especially when the landscape and technologies are constantly changing, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But digital campfires also present brands with unique opportunities to engage in ways that completely reinvent the standard brand-consumer dynamic while also giving them valuable new avenues for shaping their culture.

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