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Warning, The New York Times  

The trial of Charles Lieber offers a peek inside the world of big-money, big-prestige science as the U.S. cracked down on Chinese funding.

  • Charles Lieber, one of the country’s top research chemists, sat at the Harvard Police Department, trying to explain to two F.B.I. agents why he had agreed to partner with a lesser-known Chinese university in a relationship that had soured and landed him in trouble with the U.S. government.
  • The trial of Dr. Lieber, which is expected to conclude this week, has offered a glimpse inside the big-money, big-prestige world of elite science as the U.S. government began the China Initiative, an effort to root out scientists suspected of sharing sensitive information with China.

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Lessons learned, NYT 

    • Like many of the government’s cases against researchers, the one against Dr. Lieber does not bring charges of espionage or intellectual property theft but something narrower: a failure to disclose Chinese funding that could be viewed as a conflict of interest by the U.S. government, which also funds their research.
    • Dr. Lieber is accused of lying to the government on two occasions about whether he participated in China’s Thousand Talents Plan, an effort to attract foreign-educated scientists to China; of failing to declare income earned in China on his tax returns; and of failing to declare a Chinese bank account. Though participating in the Chinese recruitment program is not a crime, making false statements to government agencies about it is.

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      Lessons learned, NYT 

      • The verdict in Dr. Lieber’s case is being watched in scientific circles as an indicator of whether the Justice Department will proceed with the prosecutions of other researchers.
      • Dr. Lieber’s lawyer, Marc Mukasey, argued in court that the government could not prove the false statements charges because the two interviews in question, in 2018 and 2019, were neither taped nor precisely transcribed.
      • Among the researchers under federal prosecution as part of the China Initiative, Dr. Lieber is by far the most prominent. Celebrated in the world of chemistry, he served as chair of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology and was seen by many in the field as a potential Nobel winner.
      • Every morning, a handful of Dr. Lieber’s colleagues have filed into the gallery in Boston’s federal courthouse to listen to testimony.
      • Adam Cohen, a professor of chemistry, chemical biology and physics, who attended last week, called him “one of the best and most impactful chemists alive.”
      • Brian Timko, who worked under Dr. Lieber as a graduate student and now heads his own laboratory at Tufts University, said Dr. Lieber had invented electronic chips so small and flexible that they could be injected into parts of the human body, like the brain or the retina.

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