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Lessons learned, WSJ

Alphabet company and others invest in potential clients as they look to close gap with Amazon in fast-growing sector

    • Google and its rivals are wielding a new weapon in the battle for cloud-computing market share: big-dollar investments in companies that agree to sign on to their services.
    • The nascent strategy has helped Google boost its market share in a huge and rapidly expanding industry that is key for its growth. Google now claims 6% of the cloud market, up 1 percentage point from a year earlier, though still far behind Amazon’s 41% share and Microsoft’s 20%.

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        Tripp Mickle

        Staff Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

        Tripp Mickle covers Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. for The Wall Street Journal. He previously served as the Journal's reporter on Apple Inc., following a stint covering the alcohol and tobacco industries. Prior to joining the Journal, Mr. Mickle worked as a sportswriter at SportsBusiness Journal and Newsday. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University. To contact Mr. Mickle, email: For regular updates, follow him on Twitter: @trippmickle.

        Aaron Tilley

        Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

        Aaron Tilley reports on enterprise technology and cloud computing out of San Francisco. He previously reported on Apple and the semiconductor industry for The Information and Forbes. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from the University of Washington.

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        Lessons learned, WSJ

        • With Thomas Kurian serving as cloud chief executive since 2019 after a long tenure at Oracle Corp., the Alphabet Inc. has been tapping its $142 billion treasure chest of cash to make it more attractive to customers. Google has taken equity stakes over the past year in companies including Univision Communications Inc. and CME Group Inc., CME 0.26% in turn winning multiyear commitments to its cloud service worth as much as $1 billion or more.
        • The investments underscore how tech companies’ robust cash flows give them a big edge over smaller competitors in selling cloud infrastructure services, the core business of providing rented, remote computing power and storage. Those companies can afford the huge infrastructure investments necessary to build multibillion-dollar data centers and subsidize the costs of moving clients to their cloud systems—helping explain why three companies control two-thirds of the market.

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        Lessons learned, WSJ

        • A Google Cloud spokesman said that it has largely won customers with its capabilities, adding that investments are part of their strategy. “In certain instances, Google pursues investments and partnerships in attractive growth areas, which is a common practice across many companies within the enterprise industry,” he said.
        • Alphabet investors see Google Cloud as its most promising growth area and best chance to diversify beyond the online advertising business that accounts for 80% of sales. The cloud unit, which began disclosing financials in 2020, recorded more revenue in the first nine months of 2021 than for all of 2020, and is expected to grow 50% to $19.26 billion for the full year.
        • Microsoft announced an investment and cloud deal with the food-delivery startup Grab Holdings Ltd. in 2018. Mr. Kurian floated the idea of adopting a similar strategy to catch up with its rivals, former Google Cloud executives said. The investments were designed to give companies another reason to choose Google over rivals and convince them that Google was financially committed to developing technologies to benefit their businesses.

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