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Leading Disruption in a Legacy Business

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Andy Binns, Michael L. Tushman, and Charles O'Reilly III have written an article that is a work of art on how established companies can reinvent themselves and their industries through radical innovation. This article is based on a chapter from their new book, Corporate Explorer: How Corporations Can Beat Startups at the Innovation Game (Wiley, 2022).
  • A compelling growth ambition is a critical enabler for new ventures.
  • Strategic ambition provides an emotionally engaging aspiration that creates a logical bridge between the past and the future. It answers the big “why” question that tells nascent corporate explorers that it’s OK to risk taking the business into the unknown. And it provides the context for corporate explorers to ideate and incubate innovation and new business models and eventually take some of those to scale.

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Leading Disruption in a Legacy BusinessAndy Binns, Michael L. Tushman, and Charles O’Reilly III, January 31, 2022, MIT Sloan Management Review, MIT SMR.

The information about the authors was extracted from changelogic.



Andy works with CEOs, boards, and senior teams as they lead significant business change. He is a co-founder of Change Logic and manages the firm on behalf of the partnership. Andy has twenty-five years of consulting experience as both an external and internal consultant for McKinsey & Co., the IBM Corporation, and Change Logic. At IBM, Andy was deeply involved in the ‘Emerging Business Opportunity’ program, for which he received an award from IBM’s Vice-Chairman.

Andy primarily advises senior teams at technology and media firms. He has worked extensively with these firms to make and execute strategic choices to support business growth. He acts as a facilitator, provocateur, and strategic advisor to senior leaders as they setup and operate teams to explore new business opportunities. He advises on a range of issues such as strategy, business model development, and organizational design. He is known for his candid, challenging approach, which helps leaders address some of the hidden barriers to strategy execution.

Andy is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer at companies and business schools and an award-winning business author. His article, ‘Three Disciplines of Innovation,’ co-authored with Professor Charles O’Reilly, was named Best Article in the California Management Review for 2020. His other articles include ‘Ambidextrous CEO‘ in the Harvard Business Review, the ‘Art of Strategic Renewal‘ in the MIT Sloan Management Review and a book chapter on ‘Getting Started with Ambidexterity.‘ He is an Executive Fellow at the Center for Future Organization at the Drucker School of Management and a member of the Fast Company Executive Board.

Andy attended the University of Sussex, New York University, and the Quinlan Business School at Loyola University Chicago. He holds degrees in political science, marketing, and organizational development.


Michael Tushman is a co-founder and director of Change Logic. He is internationally recognized for his work on the relations between technological change, executive leadership and organization adaptation, and for his work on innovation streams and organization design. Mike is an active business consultant and educator, working with CEOs and senior teams around the world.

Michael Tushman is Baker Foundation Professor, Paul R Lawrence, MBA Class of 1942 Professor Emeritus, and Charles (Tex) Thornton Chair of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at the Harvard Business School. In addition to AMP, he is faculty co-chair of Leading Change and Organizational Renewal and is a former Faculty Chair for HBS’ Program for Leadership Development (PLD). He also teaches in the Harvard Business Analytics Program, Harvard’s first cross-university and online executive program.

Mike was awarded the Academy of Management’s Career Achievement Award for Distinguished Scholarly Contributions to Management. His publications include Lead and Disrupt (2016; second edition publishing in September 2021) and Winning Through Innovation: A Practical Guide to Leading Organizational Renewal and Change (2002), both with Charles O’Reilly; Navigating Change: How CEOs, Top Teams, and Boards Steer Transformation (with D. Hambrick and D. Nadler,1998); Competing by Design: A Blueprint for Organizational Architectures (with D. Nadler, 1998); and Managing Strategic Innovation: A Collection of Readings (with P. Anderson, 2004). Mike was previously on the faculty of the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University and has been a visiting professor at MIT and INSEAD.

Mike holds degrees from Northeastern University (B.S.E.E.), Cornell University (M.S.), and the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. (Ph.D.). He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Geneva. He has supervised many doctoral students and was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Management.


Charles O’Reilly’s research includes studies of organizational culture, the management of human resources, and the impact of change and innovation on firms. His current research includes studies of leadership, organizational culture, the impact of senior management on innovation and change, and the management of human resources. Charles is a much sought after adviser and speaker to major corporations.

Charles is the author, with Mike Tushman, of Lead and Disrupt: How to Solve the Innovator’s Dilemma, published by Stanford University Press in 2016 (2nd edition to be published September 7, 2021). His previous books include Winning Through Innovation: A Practical Guide to Leading Organizational Change and Renewal with Mike Tushman (Harvard Business School Press, 2000) and Hidden Value: How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People with J. Pfeffer (Harvard Business School Press, 2000). He is the author of many articles, including award winning papers, such as Three Disciplines of Innovation in the California Management Review, named Best Article 2020.

Charles O’Reilly is the Frank E. Buck Professor of Management and Hank McKinnell – Pfizer Inc. Director of the Center for Leadership Development and Research at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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Lessons learned, MIT SMR  

Leading innovation in established corporations is hard work

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Great companies are rarely disrupted because they do not see disruption coming: 
  • Kodak had all the digital photography assets it needed, Nokia had the same for the smartphone, Blockbuster passed on acquiring Netflix, and Barnes & Noble could have purchased Amazon.
  • The problem is that the gravitational pull of the traditional business makes it intensely hard to justify investments that appear to serve a different agenda. 
  • When threatened, we humans seek safety in what we know: the skills, capabilities, and routines that made us successful. This makes it even more difficult to move into new areas of opportunity. 

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Lessons learned, MIT SMR  

Radical Innovation

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  • Few doubt that something extraordinary has happened at Nvidia, as its share price has risen by more than 8,000% over the past decade. It now ranks in the top 10 of the most valuable companies globally, thanks to its transformation from the world’s leading provider of graphic processors to a leader in computing for artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. CEO Jensen Huang has confounded the conventional wisdom that established companies cannot reinvent themselves and their industries through radical innovation.

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