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  1. Few doubt that something extraordinary has happened at Nvidia, as its share price has risen by more than 8,000% over the past decade. 
    • Leading Disruption in a Legacy Business, Andy Binns, Michael L. Tushman, and Charles O’Reilly III, January 31, 2022, MIT Sloan Management Review, MIT SMR.
    • Nvidia now ranks in the top 10 of the most valuable companies globally, thanks to its transformation from the world’s leading provider of graphic processors to a leader in computing for artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.
    • CEO Jensen Huang has confounded the conventional wisdom that established companies cannot reinvent themselves and their industries through radical innovation.
  2. Where Can Digital Transformation Take You? Insights from 1,700 Leaders
    • Where Can Digital Transformation Take You? Insights from 1,700 Leaders, by Linda A. Hill, Ann Le Cam, Sunand Menon, and Emily Tedards, January 31, 2022, Harvard Business Review, HBR.
    • Digital transformation seems like a journey without end, but some companies manage to cross the finish line. Linda Hill and colleagues reveal six qualities that set digitally mature organizations apart.
    • Everything is changing and technology is a key driver
      • When we asked executives to join our roundtable conversations about “digital leadership,” they warned us that the term was too narrow: “leadership in the digital age” better describes the strategic questions they face. After all, they’re wrestling with three major shifts in the global economy—changes born of technology that technology alone can no longer address:
        • New customer expectations. 
        • New employee expectations.
        • New societal expectations.
  3. Companies should enable employees to become “gig mindsetters”: what I call a bold new breed of full-time, salaried employees who think and act like freelancers.
    • How Workers with a “Gig Mindset” Can Help Your Company Thrive, Jane McConnell, January 26, 2022, Harvard Business Review, HBR.
    • Gig mindsetters are constant learners — they self-manage, take spontaneous initiative, focus on skills more than roles, feel free to shortcut processes, and don’t hesitate to question the status quo. They share what they learn with others, take ownership of their own personal growth, and feel confident in their ability to influence people.
    • Sanofi’s and NDA’s innovative learning initiatives illustrate how a gig mindset learning culture offers employees a chance to think about their purpose and define new roles. 
  4. Today, nearly any digital business process can be automated and, in my opinion, should be.
    • How Intelligent Automation Can Represent A New Era For Business TransformationJanuary 31, 2022, Forbes.
    • In a survey conducted by Deloitte, 95% of organizations that had implemented RPA said the technology had improved their productivity. And Gartner predicts that AI-augmented automation’s ability to increase IT productivity will lead to 40% of large enterprises’ Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams adopting the technology by 2023.
    • Automation represents the next era of digital transformation in which organizations don’t just digitize business processes but also automate them. This is the automation revolution — and the companies that embrace this revolution can get to the future faster.
  5. CIOs who seized the opportunity to innovate faster during the pandemic saw their digital transformation timelines shrink by a factor of years. 
    • Maintaining momentum on digital transformation: New HBR Analytic Services report, Carla Rudder, January 31, 2022, The Enterprisers Project.
    • New research identifies key strategies CIOs are using to sustain digital transformation speed – while fighting burnout and strengthening organizational resilience.
    • The report, based on advice from CIOs and IT executives at companies including Dow, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, Vanguard, the Federal Reserve System, and Clario, offers a playbook for reimagining the nature of work, strengthening organizational resilience, and leading overall business strategy with technology at the core. 
  6. To help tech leaders faced with developing a workable, affordable plan, the industry experts of Forbes Technology Council have shared strategic approaches for achieving needed digital transformation initiatives on a limited budget.
  7. According to a new consumer wellness survey by Hero Digital, a digital business transformation company, half of Gen X consumers and 40 percent of Gen Z consumers prioritize empowerment in wellness brands.
    • Consumer Insights Report Finds Empowerment is Key to Digital Transformation in Wellness, Alexandra Pastore, January 31, 2022, yahoo!life.
    • In its research, Hero Digital surveyed more than 3,000 people across 52 brands in consumer goods, financial services, wellness and health care.
    • 60 percent of Millennials cited the importance of wellness brands supporting emotional needs and 40 percent cited the importance of functional needs. This group said they value trust above any other attributes when recommending a wellness brand.
  8. While there is no set template to encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace, there are several guiding principles for fostering a culture that is open to innovation and creativity.
    • Customer-centric innovation and digital transformation, Sonita Lontoh,  January 31, 2022, Fast Company.
    • Over the past 25 years, I have had the privilege and honor of leading and advising at the intersection of disruptive technology, digital transformation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I have done so both at new businesses within large, global Fortune 100 companies, and also with smaller, more entrepreneurial venture-backed Silicon Valley startups. 
  9. India’s Karuna Trust has achieved a digital health milestone, becoming the first healthcare provider in the nation to achieve HIMSS O-EMRAM Stage 6 for the technology integrations at its Tavarekere Urban Primary Health Center in Bengaluru.
  10. India’s top IT firms are increasing digital project prices to cover the cost of hiring skilled IT workers in an increasingly competitive market. 
    • India’s IT talent shortage is creating a cost crunch, Poojitha Jayadevan, January 30, 2022, CIO.
    • Top IT firms are major recruiters of IT talent, but CIOs shouldn’t only be worried about losing IT staff to the big players: There’s a strong demand for IT talent among startups too, and for some IT workers they may seem a more attractive destination.

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  • To keep pace with change and avoid disruption, people must become fast and successful learners, infinite learners—those who not only enjoy learning but feel a constant need to acquire new skills.
  • Foundational FACT: Golden Knowledge (GK) opens the way to staggering opportunities, risks and challenges.
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  • Essential FACT: The essential problem with the digital age is that the rate at which GK is appropriated is much slower than the rate at which new GK is created.
  • Essential fact about pleasure: Learning is the greatest of all pleasures.
  • Essential fact about eternal youth: Keep learning to stay young forever.
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