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  1. Without a clear understanding, the wrong people are often put in charge, with the wrong resources, and the wrong KPIs, setting the digital transformation project up for failure.
    • The 4 Pillars of Successful Digital Transformations, Nathan Furr, Andrew Shipilov, Didier Rouillard, and Antoine Hemon-Laurens, January 28, 2022, Harvard Business Review, HBR.
    • Everyone who has been part of digital transformation describes it as a journey. Digital transformation takes time, and is a series of evolutionary, and occasionally disruptive, steps. Like in any journey, you need to decide where to go first. Typically, companies begin with IT uplift and digitizing operations, followed by digital marketing and new business building. But all four pillars are important to digital transformation, so they may happen in another order. The key to success is simply getting clarity that digital transformation is not one thing, but rather many different things. Having the right leader, resources, and measures of success for the journey towards each different pillar can contribute greatly to success.
  2. IDC forecasts that direct digital transformation investment growth between 2022-2024 will hit $6.3tn – equating to 55% of all ICT investment by the end of 2024.
    • Emerging digital service models: Addressing the need to prevent downtime, Karlton Gray, January 28, 2022, Computer Weekly.
    • Right now, more than three-quarters of end-users believe that downtime is preventable with better management, training and processes. You might say there has never been a better time for partners to embrace new digital service models, to establish new recurring revenue streams and to add value to their customers. The demand is there – resellers just need to know where to look. 
  3. If there’s one thing that makes a digital transformation magical, it’s nailing the process for everyone involved. 
    • How To Lead A Digital Transformation Your People Will Love, January 28, 2022, Mark Cameron, Forbes.
    • It’s interesting to note that none of the precursors for digital transformation success have anything to do with technology. Instead, it’s all about communication, leadership, inclusivity and ownership. These lay the foundation for a successful digital transformation — having the right people involved, with access to the right information, who are following the same goals. That’s the holy grail.
  4. But it’s turning out that the digital world can also provide the basic ingredients of luxury goods and services quite independent of any physical artifact or experience.
    • How Luxury Brands Are Manufacturing Scarcity in the Digital Economy, Hannes Gurzki, January 28, 2022, Harvard Business Review, HBR.
    • The companies described here (companies such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci) are expanding what it means for a product to be rare, exclusive, and expensive — and the opportunities for creating consumer and business value are only likely to increase, for what these luxury trailblazers are learning will inevitably create new kinds of products and services inside and outside the sector.
  5. Organizations are using technology to enhance the autonomy of their workers, enabling their leaders to exercise greater strategic judgment.
    • How Companies Are Using Tech to Give Employees More Autonomy, Ethan Bernstein, Michael Y. Lee, and Joost Minnaar, January 28, 2022, Harvard Business Review, HBR.
    • While automation is the purest form of decentralization, rather than automating frontline workers, technology’s best use might be to automate the functions of management, especially middle management (e.g., coordination, accountability, direction, and governance). If technology is going to make something redundant, why not replace those things we currently don’t like — such as overly matrixed coordination, red tape bureaucratic processes, command-and-control decision-making (by people who don’t have the best data to make the decisions), and antiquated compliance approaches — rather than those we do (like our human colleagues)?
  6. Digital transformations have been leading to data growth and cloud migrations for a while, but many enterprises still struggle to achieve security and flexibility. 
    • Elevating Digital Transformation With A Data Security Governance Framework, Ganesh Kirti, January 28, 2022, Mark Cameron, Forbes.
    • No doubt we can expect changes to our digital landscape that will require ongoing transformation. Improvement and adaptation are never finished. But the right framework can position teams to excel no matter what initiatives they tackle — and create a foundation for a stronger competitive future.
  7. Business communications services and products provider announces partnership with digital transformation firm to power predictive analytics solutions with private 5G multi-access edge computing for businesses, in particular those working in transport, industrials, logistics and manufacturing.
  8. As researchers focused on social change, we’ve spent the last ten years studying how people react to drastic changes in their lives.
    • When a Major Life Change Upends Your Sense of Self, Madeline Toubiana, Trish Ruebottom, and Luciana Turchick Hakak, January 28, 2022, Harvard Business Review, HBR.
    • Whether you’re taking on a new role, shifting careers, or going through a major life change like those experienced by the people in our interviews, it’s never easy to let go of a past identity. But left unchecked, identity paralysis can threaten both your career prospects and your mental health. To avoid getting stuck and truly move forward in our lives, we must acknowledge and embrace our current identities, our past selves, and everything in between.
  9. Rising generations of employees are demanding that leaders engage on topics such as climate change and racial equity. Leaders must understand how to respond.
    • How Leaders Can Respond to Increasing Employee Activism, MIT SMR Editors, January 28, 2022, MIT Sloan Management Review, MIT SMR.
    • MIT Sloan Management Review’s recent Work/22 virtual symposium invited a range of experts to share their insights into the challenges leaders will face in the year ahead. Among them was Megan Reitz, a professor of leadership and dialogue at Hult International Business School, who discussed how organizations can develop a plan for encouraging employee voice and acting on issues raised by workers.
  10. To unleash the true power of questions, I have identified four ways to use them to help your employees be more productive and more engaged.
    • Want to make an impact? Change your questioning habits., Pia Lauritzen, January 28, 2022, strategy+business.
    • Making reflection an integral part of the workday instead of yet another task to fit into a busy schedule will help companies understand where and how they need to adjust their business practices. And more companies will thrive when leaders focus not just on what questions to ask, but on who gets to ask them.

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  • The “g-f superpower” is the superpower of becoming a fast and successful learner. g-f(2)837
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  • To keep pace with change and avoid disruption, people must become fast and successful learners, infinite learners—those who not only enjoy learning but feel a constant need to acquire new skills.
  • Foundational FACT: Golden Knowledge (GK) opens the way to staggering opportunities, risks and challenges.
  • Obsolesce FACTOR: GK can be obsolete in some degree fast because GK of exceptional quality is produced daily.
  • Essential FACT: The essential problem with the digital age is that the rate at which GK is appropriated is much slower than the rate at which new GK is created.
  • Essential fact about pleasure: Learning is the greatest of all pleasures.
  • Essential fact about eternal youth: Keep learning to stay young forever.
  • The list of most relevant Essential FACTS:
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    • Essential FACT 5: Becoming a fast and successful learner is a superpower

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Fernando is the director of "genioux facts". He is the entrepreneur, researcher and professor who has a disruptive proposal in The Digital Age to improve the world and reduce poverty + ignorance + violence. A critical piece of the solution puzzle is "genioux facts"The Innovation Value of "genioux facts" is exceptional for individuals, companies and any kind of organization.

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