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  1. The machine-learning model could help scientists speed the development of new medicines.
    • Artificial intelligence system rapidly predicts how two proteins will attach, Adam Zewe, February 1, 2022, MIT News.
    • MIT researchers created a machine-learning model that can directly predict the complex that will form when two proteins bind together. Their technique is between 80 and 500 times faster than state-of-the-art software methods, and often predicts protein structures that are closer to actual structures that have been observed experimentally.
    • This technique could help scientists better understand some biological processes that involve protein interactions, like DNA replication and repair; it could also speed up the process of developing new medicines.
  2. Artificial intelligence is reshaping and improving business processes across industries. Learn what's in store for corporate learning with AI.
    • 5 Ways AI Is Changing the Face of Learning, Graham Glass, February 1, Entrepreneur.
    • I’ve been in the education business for decades as a senior lecturer, trainer and CEO. When people ask me about the biggest challenge that learners face, the first thing that comes to mind is that learners see training as something they “have to do.”
    • Now, let’s think for a moment about this. How did we get here? Why aren’t we talking about “want to do” or “happy to have the opportunity to do?”
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is already shaping and improving many business areas today, and learning activities should be no exception. With the rapid ability to process and analyze vast quantities of data, improve decision-making and personalize learning journeys, AI can expedite and improve learning processes and results — at large and small companies alike.
  3. Intelligent automation adoption has soared since the start of the pandemic. 
    • Four Principles Every Organization Implementing Intelligent Automation Must Live By, James Duez, February 1, 2022, Forbes.
    • Intelligent automation is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). It is the computerization of processes traditionally carried out by people. Moving beyond current automation technologies (such as robotic process automation), intelligent automation replicates more complex processes — especially those that involve human decision-making.
    • It gives organizations the opportunity to increase efficiency, improve customer experience and generate new revenues through automated digital products and services.
  4. Noom, commonly known as a dieting app, bills itself as a digital platform that marries coaching with artificial intelligence to manage weight and other chronic conditions.
    • Noom Could Get Slim, Fast, Laura Forman, February 1, 2022, The Wall Street Journal, WSJ.
    • Health management companies have been especially popular during the pandemic. From 2016 to 2019, investors put an average of less than $150 million annually into the space; in the last two years, their total capital invested ballooned to an average of $670 million a year, according to PitchBook.
    • Noom has been a particular success, raising a cumulative $669 million to-date.
  5. Revenue operations (RevOps) has emerged as a critical new technology category as companies seek to increase sales, marketing and customer care productivity through digital channels, data and artificial intelligence.
    • Oleg Rogynskyy Founds People AI To Increase Sales Productivity, Bruce Rogers, February 1, 2022, Forbes.
    • One company at the forefront of this new approach to managing revenue growth is People.AI. Founded in 2016, the San Francisco-based company is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for enterprise revenue, helping sales, marketing, and customer success teams uncover every revenue opportunity from every customer, by capturing all customer contacts, activity and engagement to drive actionable insights across all revenue teams.
    • The idea behind People.ai started with the goal of automating through software a very successful sales process developed by legendary enterprise software sales executive John McMahon when he was at PTC. “To do that, I needed to build software that uses activity data of people to make them more productive, ideally in sales. And so, the initial version of People.ai basically was turning the PTC MEDDIC (Metrics, Economic buyer, Decision criteria, Decision process) process into software and then slowly overlaying AI on it to make it more automated, less manual until now we have it fully automated,” says People.ai founder and CEO Oleg Rogynskyy.
  6. As artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) gain momentum in the design and engineering of next-generation applications, we’re eventually going to be seeing multiple instances of AI and ML engines in some apps to make them more effective. 
    • How XpertRule’s multiple AI tools compare to BPM competitors, Chris J. Preimesberger, February 1, 2022, VentureBeat.
    • That logic is now moving from an idea to real-life production. XpertRule‘s business-process management platform is one of the first to multiply deployments of AI as challenging new use cases come to the fore. The U.K.-based company today announced the latest release of its Viabl.ai low-code enterprise AI platform, which makes it possible to digitally capture the expertise of knowledge workers and immediately apply it to automate workflows that require both decisions and deep user interactions. 
  7. In the future, self-learning algorithms combined with new sensors should ensure better traffic flow and shorter waiting times, while providing improved safety for pedestrians at crossings.
    • Traffic lights controlled using artificial intelligence, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, February 1, 2022, TechXplore.
    • Roads are chronically congested and vehicles queue endlessly at junctions. Rush hour is especially bad for long traffic jams. At the Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB, researchers in the institute branch for industrial automation INA in Lemgo are using artificial intelligence for smart traffic light control as part of the KI4LSA and KI4PED projects.
    • The EU estimates that traffic jams cause economic damage totaling 100 billion euros per year for its member states. 
  8. New fellows are working on electronic health record algorithms, remote sensing data related to environmental health, and neural networks for the development of antibiotics.
    • 2021-22 Takeda Fellows: Leaning on AI to advance medicine for humans, Emma Foehringer Merchant, February 1, 2022, MIT News.
    • In fall 2020, MIT’s School of Engineering and Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited launched the MIT-Takeda Program, a collaboration to support members of the MIT community working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and human health. 
    • Every year, the program also funds graduate fellowships to support students pursuing research on a broad range of issues tied to health and AI. 
  9. Assistant Professor Marzyeh Ghassemi explores how hidden biases in medical data could compromise artificial intelligence approaches.
    • The downside of machine learning in health care, Steve Nadis, February 1, 2022, MIT News.
    • In a paper published Jan. 14 in the journal Patterns, Ghassemi — who earned her doctorate in 2017 and is now an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) — and her coauthor, Elaine Okanyene Nsoesie of Boston University, offer a cautionary note about the prospects for AI in medicine. “If used carefully, this technology could improve performance in health care and potentially reduce inequities,” Ghassemi says. “But if we’re not actually careful, technology could worsen care.”
    • “The problem is not machine learning itself,” she insists. “It’s people. Human caregivers generate bad data sometimes because they are not perfect.”
  10. The jobs that follow are poised to become increasingly automated, especially as huge chains like Sam's Club and McDonald's turn to robots amid an unprecedented labor crunch.
    • 44 Jobs That'll Soon Be Lost to Automation, Jeff Rindskopf, February 1, 2022, AOL.
    • Workers have long feared losing jobs to newcomers, but the threat has changed in the digital age, with technology posing a new form of competition. With 2.3 million robots already present in the global workforce, bots are now projected to supplant 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030, including 1.5 million in the United States. The shock of a pandemic is accelerating this shift, as industries turn to technology to alleviate financial losses

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