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How Minds are Constructed

      • Bruce Hood discusses how the developing human mind is constructed and affected by technology, and how we can leverage the science of the mind in building AI models of cognition. 
          • Bruce Hood has been the Professor of Developmental Psychology at Bristol University since 2000. He undertook his Ph.D. at Cambridge followed by appointments at University College London, MIT and was a faculty professor at Harvard.
          • He researches child development, origins of superstition and self-identity. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society, the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the British Psychological Society. 
          • He is the founder of and has developed the successful course at Bristol University, The Science of Happiness. Hood has written four popular science books—SuperSense (2009), The Self Illusion (2012), The Domesticated Brain (2014) and Possessed (2019).
          • He has appeared on various radio and TV shows and stars in the eco-documentary film Living in the Future’s Past (2018), presented by academy award-winner Jeff Bridges. Bruce currently co-hosts the BBC podcast The Happiness Half Hour.

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                Bruce Hood | How Minds are Constructed | Talks at Google

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                Lessons learned, Talks at Google

                Bruce Hood

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                • I have diverse research interests including the origins of supernatural beliefs, intuitive theory formation, object representation, spatial cognition, inhibitory control and general cognitive development conducted at my labs at the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre which opened in 2001.
                • I have written three books for the general public, “SuperSense” (HarperOne, 2009) about the natural origins of supernatural beliefs which has been published in 12 countries, “The Self Illusion” (Constable & Robinson 2012) about the fallacy that we are coherent, integrated individuals but rather a constructed narrative largely influenced by those around us and “The Domesticated Brain” (Pelican, 2014) an evolutionary account for the rise in pro-sociality and lengthening of human childhood.
                • I have also co-authored a highly successful undergraduate textbook “Psychology”  now in its 2nd edition (Palgrave, 2011, 2015) and co-edited an academic book on development of object knowledge “The Origins of Object Knowledge” (OUP, 2009).

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                Lessons learned, Talks at Google

                Bruce Hood

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                • Wikipedia
                  • Bruce MacFarlane Hood is a Canadian-born British experimental psychologist and philosopher who specialises in developmental cognitive neuroscience. He is currently based at the University of Bristol and his major research interests include intuitive theories, self identity, essentialism and the cognitive processes behind adult magical thinking.
                  • Cognitive development in childhood. In his research, Hood investigates various aspects of cognitive development in children. He best known for discovering a naïve theory of gravity and looking at the origins of superstitious beliefs in children. Most notably, his research showed that children inherently prefer 'their' individual objects over duplicated ones a behaviour which persists into adulthood. Further, he investigates how children use gaze to infer about the mental states of humans they are interacting with.
                  • Science of Happiness. Since 2018, Hood has been delivering the Science of Happiness course at University of Bristol as well as other universities and organizations. Modelled after the successful Psychology and the Good Life course initiated by Laurie Santos at Yale University, the programme has been shown to improve mental well-being and is the basis for the BBC podcast The Happiness Half-Hour co-presented by Hood.

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