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g-f(2)1836 Perplexity's Rise: Jeff Bezos Bets Big on AI-Driven Web Search Disruption


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Perplexity, a San Francisco-based startup founded less than two years ago, aims to challenge Google's dominance in web search by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to transform how people find information online. Backed by Jeff Bezos, Institutional Venture Partners, and other tech executives, Perplexity has secured a substantial $74 million investment, the largest sum raised by an internet search startup in recent years. The company, valued at $520 million, boasts a unique approach, offering an "answer engine" used by approximately 10 million people monthly.

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"Perplexity, a rising star in the competitive realm of web search, secures a groundbreaking $74 million investment, led by Jeff Bezos, signaling a collective belief in the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the digital information landscape." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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Perplexity's strategic advantage lies in its deployment of advanced AI to provide direct answers to search queries, distinguishing itself from larger competitors like Google. By delivering concise responses instead of traditional website links, Perplexity seeks to redefine the user experience in web search.

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  1. Perplexity, founded less than two years ago, boasts fewer than 40 employees and operates from a San Francisco co-working space.
  2. The company's "answer engine" serves around 10 million users monthly, utilizing AI advancements to provide direct, nuanced responses to search queries.
  3. Perplexity's recent funding round, securing $74 million, represents the largest sum raised by an internet search startup in recent memory.
  4. Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos, and Institutional Venture Partners are key investors, underscoring the strategic importance of AI-driven search technology.
  5. Perplexity's valuation reaches $520 million following the investment, reflecting confidence in its potential to disrupt the web search market.
  6. The startup focuses on direct answers, aiming to render traditional website links obsolete by addressing user queries with precision.
  7. While Google holds a dominant market share, Perplexity's approach has garnered attention for its potential to transform the search landscape.
  8. Perplexity's website and apps witnessed substantial growth, with 53 million visits in November, highlighting a burgeoning user base.
  9. Despite a smaller user base compared to Google, Perplexity's appeal among tech workers and its word-of-mouth growth strategy indicate its unique position.
  10. Perplexity charges $20 per month for an enhanced search engine utilizing GPT-4, OpenAI's advanced technology, and plans for further user expansion and cost reduction.


Perplexity, fueled by substantial investment and AI innovation, emerges as a formidable contender in the web search arena, challenging the status quo and presenting a unique model for providing direct and insightful responses to user queries. While navigating the highly competitive landscape against Google's dominance, Perplexity's transformative approach positions it as a potential disruptor, guided by the vision of reshaping how information is accessed and understood online.


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Miles KruppaJeff Bezos Bets on a Google Challenger Using AI to Try to Upend Internet Search, The Wall Street Journal, January 4, 2024.

Miles Kruppa

Miles Kruppa is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where he covers Google and Alphabet from the San Francisco bureau¹. Prior to this, he wrote about venture capital and startups for the Financial Times¹. He is originally from Austin, Texas, and graduated from Rice University¹. In his reporting, he has covered a range of topics, including the impact of AI on big tech earnings². He can be reached at miles.kruppa@wsj.com³.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 1/10/2024

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