Angel "sponsors"


Angel "sponsors" are world or national leaders, individuals, companies or organizations of any type that help to build a much better world for all.

genioux facts”, the online program on "Mastering The Big Picture of the Digital Age” is, so far, in Beta.

You become a "sponsor" of "genioux facts" by purchasing "golden knowledge blocks" with which we will pave the high-speed digital highway "GKPath" that helps everyone achieve greatness, in their own unique style.

With every "golden knowledge block" you buy you get a link to share with the world:

  • Your “genioux facts” or
  • Your proposal to make a better world for all or
  • Your products and services to make a better world for everyone or
  • Your legacy to humanity.

Angel sponsors purchase "golden knowledge blocks" when they want.

We keep up to date the list of "golden knowledge blocks" sold ordered by date of purchase.

Featured "genioux fact"

g-f(2)778 Lighthouse of the big picture of the digital age (1/1/2022), Essential FACT 4: In the New World, the game is transformation

ULTRA-condensed knowledge "g-f" fishing of golden knowledge (GK) of the fabulous treasure of the digital age ,  Lighthouse of th...

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