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g-f(2)1826 Blossoming Tomorrow By Planting Today: From AI to Alzheimer’s Breakthroughs


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This piece examines recent breakthroughs across AI, medicine, and sustainability that could positively transform human welfare, even amidst current pessimism. It makes the case that while immediate economic impacts remain uncertain, emerging innovations address previously intractable challenges.

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"Seeds planted today in technology, healthcare, and energy promise fruits tomorrow that could profoundly improve society, even if short-term skepticism persists." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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A wave of recent advances in generative AI, Alzheimer's treatments, anti-obesity drugs, and other fields represent technological green shoots with the potential to significantly uplift human lives. However skepticism around immediate tangible impacts remains warranted, given the lags in translating cutting-edge innovations into economic growth historically. However, just as past discoveries laid the foundations for present breakthroughs, today's experimental therapies and models beget more expansive possibilities down the line across personalized medicine, clean energy, and automation. While confidence about near-term results proves elusive, grounds for long-term optimism persist.

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  1. Generative AI as creative/analytical amplifier excites wide adoption despite uncertainty.
  2. Lag between discovery and widespread productivity impacts supports skepticism today.
  3. But unpredictability of innovation pathways means discounting significance risks oversight.
  4. Alzheimer's and obesity therapies alter prognosis for demoralizing conditions radically.
  5. Novel techniques catalyze cascading possibilities once feasibility demonstrated.
  6. AI & biomedical advances intertwine, accelerating insight extraction from data.
  7. Probability games underpin breakthroughs; increasing bets raise chances.
  8. Immediate utilization concerns should not eclipse life-changing impact.
  9. Economic significance is ancillary to alleviating suffering and saving lives.
  10. Past pessimism around airplane, computer and internet productivity has proved shortsighted.


While prudence around inflating expectations persists, the seeds of exponential enrichment bloom when providence meets preparation. We must nurture technological green shoots today so fruits of abundance nourish all tomorrow. Progress proceeds inevitably, even if unevenly. With patience and care, innovation oases turn thriving gardens. Onward.


The GK Article

Greg IpThe Future Is Bright if You Know Where to Look, The Wall Street Journal, January 4, 2024.

Greg Ip

Certainly! Greg Ip is the Chief Economics Commentator at The Wall Street Journal. He provides insightful analysis on U.S. and global economic developments, policy, and trends. His weekly column, Capital Account, delves into economic matters, offering thought-provoking perspectives. Here are some recent highlights from his work:

1. "Meet the New Economy, Same as the Old Economy" (December 19, 2023):

  • Despite pandemic disruptions, GDP, unemployment, and inflation resemble the prepandemic economy.
  • The real changes lie beneath the surface, shaping the future of our economic landscape¹.

2. "The Fed Underwrites the Recovery" (December 13, 2023):

  • The Federal Reserve's focus has shifted from beating inflation to preventing a recession.
  • The market rally contributes to economic stability¹.

3. "The Other I-Word Angering Voters Across Western World" (December 13, 2023):

  • Backlash against governments for failing to control surging immigration.
  • Immigration policies are a critical issue in various countries¹.

4. "Why No One Wants to Pay for the Green Transition" (November 29, 2023):

  • Investors and consumers hesitate due to the costs of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
  • Climate mitigation poses economic challenges¹.

5. "Argentina Is a Textbook Case of ‘Fiscal Dominance’" (November 22, 2023):

  • Similarities between Argentina's fiscal situation and potential U.S. deficits fueling inflation.
  • The role of the Federal Reserve is crucial¹.

6. "While All Inflation Feels Bad, Housing Inflation Is the Worst" (November 15, 2023):

  • Unaffordable homes impact the American dream more than high gasoline and food prices.
  • Housing inflation is a critical concern¹.

Greg Ip's analyses provide valuable insights into the complex world of economics, guiding readers through the intricacies of our ever-evolving financial landscape. 📈🌐🔍.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 1/7/2024

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