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g-f(2)1827 Charting Your Course to Greatness: A Personal Strategy Blueprint


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This GK video "Use Strategic Thinking to Create the Life You Want" covers an innovative framework adapting corporate strategic planning tools to help individuals systematically assess and optimize life trajectories based on importance, satisfaction, and time investment across relationships, work, interests, etc.

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"By applying strategy lenses spanning success metrics, purpose alignment, and portfolio balance, we can proactively compose integrated life blueprints optimized for greatness." — Fernando Machuca and Claude.

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People can seize authorship over their best lives by determining values, specifying needs, evaluating current resource allocation, identifying gaps and consciously realigning time/energy across relationship building, skill development, wellness, leisure, etc. This empowers crafting integrated personal strategies, as the corporate world does for profits, but for individually defined greatness across achievement, meaning, vitality, and more. Tactical plans then bridge present realities to aspirational futures.

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  1. Happiness relies on positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishments, and vitality over wealth.
  2. Life portfolio analysis evaluates areas by satisfaction, importance, and time investment.
  3. Most struggle with at least one high-importance/low-satisfaction area.
  4. Social media and entertainment are often rated as low-value uses of time.
  5. Rating parameters enable assessing tactical life unit changes.
  6. Reconnecting with friends is a quick relationship win.
  7. Right-sizing inputs to align with a great life vision matters most.
  8. Balance across domains insulates against volatility.
  9. Even uncertain times demand direction or no wind is favorable.
  10. But flexibility permits adjusting plans as fortune meets preparation.


With this structured scaffolding, people can finally pursue greatness on their own terms - not those histories or societies imposed. Granular and sweeping moves made consciously direct our daily steps down inspired avenues. Onward, authors of our lives!


The GK Video

Rainer Strack, Use Strategic Thinking to Create the Life You Want, YouTube channel, Harvard Business Review, January 3, 2024.

Seven questions can clarify what really matters to you and help you build your own life strategy, according to BCG’s Rainer Strack. 00:00 Summarizing a life strategy on a single page 00:20 Where did this idea come from? 00:54 What is a life strategy? 02:41 How do I define a great life? 04:15 How do I assess my life portfolio? 07:40 What portfolio choices can I make? 09:20 Where do I go from here? For more details on all seven questions and designing your own life strategy, read the HBR article: Use Strategic Thinking to Create the Life You Want [g-f(2)1748].

Rainer Strack

Rainer Strack is a Senior Partner Emeritus and a Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)¹. He joined BCG in 1994 and has led numerous projects on strategy, process optimization, culture, organization, transformation, change, talent, and human resources management across various industries¹. 

From 1996 to 1998, he served as a BCG Ambassador in Boston¹. In 2001, he was elected Partner & Managing Director, and in 2008, Senior Partner & Managing Director¹. He was also appointed as one of the first BCG Fellows by BCG's CEO in 2008¹.

Strack built and led BCG’s work in HR globally for ten years¹. He was the head of the People & Organization practice in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for more than ten years, and also served as lead for the Social Impact practice in Germany¹.

He has authored more than 100 reports and articles on topics such as HR controlling and demographic risk management, and strategic workforce planning¹. His work has been published in the Harvard Business Review¹³. In 2014, he gave a widely viewed TED talk on the global workforce crisis¹²³.

Strack was a member of the Global Agenda Council for talent mobility of the World Economic Forum, co-leading the Future of Work initiative of the World Economic Forum and presenting several times in Davos¹. In 2021, he was inducted into the HR Hall of Fame in Germany¹².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/23/2023

(1) Rainer Strack - BCG.

(2) Managing Demographic Risk - Harvard Business Review.

(3) Use Strategic Thinking to Create the Life You Want.

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