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g-f(2)1772 Navigating the AI Seas: MIT SMR's Top 10 Insights for Business Leaders


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) took center stage in the business world throughout 2023, with OpenAI's ChatGPT emerging as a revolutionary force. In this dynamic landscape, MIT Sloan Management Review curated a list of the top 10 must-read articles on AI, offering insights into generative AI, responsible AI strategy, key performance indicators (KPIs), and addressing ethical challenges.

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"In the fast-paced realm of AI, leaders grapple with harnessing its power responsibly. MIT SMR's curated articles provide indispensable wisdom, navigating the ethical dilemmas posed by AI's rapid evolution, and offering actionable insights for organizational success." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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The transformative influence of AI, particularly ChatGPT, is evident in the surge of users. MIT SMR recognizes the profound impact of AI on strategy, responsible AI programs, and strategic measurement, reflecting a pivotal shift in the business landscape.

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  1. Three Lessons From Chatting About Strategy With ChatGPT: Unveils the strengths of generative AI in strategy creation and emphasizes the synergistic collaboration between AI and human intellect.
  2. Building Robust RAI Programs as Third-Party AI Tools Proliferate: Highlights the critical need for responsible AI strategies amid the proliferation of AI tools, drawing insights from a comprehensive global executive study.
  3. AI Is Helping Companies Redefine, Not Just Improve, Performance: Explores AI's transformative impact on redefining strategic measurement and KPIs, providing a paradigm shift in organizational performance.
  4. Me, Myself, and AI Podcast — Helping Doctors Make Better Decisions With Data: UC Berkeley’s Ziad Obermeyer: Chronicles how AI democratizes healthcare data access, empowering machine learning applications for improved decision-making.
  5. Don’t Get Distracted by the Hype Around Generative AI: Warns against the hype surrounding generative AI, emphasizing the importance of informed technology choices by business leaders.
  6. Improve Key Performance Indicators With AI: Reveals the superior benefits organizations gain by incorporating AI to enhance or create KPIs, compared to those adjusting KPIs without AI.
  7. From ChatGPT to HackGPT: Meeting the Cybersecurity Threat of Generative AI: Advocates for smarter technology and training in cybersecurity, urging a departure from traditional rule-based approaches.
  8. Me, Myself, and AI Podcast: Detecting the Good and the Bad With AI: Airbnb’s Naba Banerjee: Illuminates how machine learning safeguards Airbnb by identifying suspicious bookings, enhancing safety for hosts and guests.
  9. Strategic Alignment With AI and Smart KPIs: Demonstrates the heightened strategic alignment achieved by organizations creating forward-looking smart KPIs with the integration of AI.
  10. How ChatGPT Can and Can’t Help Managers Design Better Job Roles: Explores the effective application of ChatGPT in designing healthy, productive job roles, offering valuable insights for organizational leaders.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age


As AI continues to shape the business landscape, MIT SMR's compilation serves as a beacon, guiding leaders through the complexities of AI adoption. These articles not only dissect the challenges but also provide actionable strategies, ensuring organizations harness AI's transformative potential responsibly and strategically. By delving into this curated wisdom, leaders are equipped to navigate the evolving AI landscape with knowledge, foresight, and purpose.


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Laurianne McLaughlin, MIT SMR’s 10 AI Must-Reads for 2023, MIT Sloan Management Review, December 28, 2023.

Laurianne McLaughlin

Laurianne McLaughlin is the Senior Editor, Digital, at MIT Sloan Management Review⁴. She has contributed to a wide range of topics, including leadership challenges, talent management, and artificial intelligence². In addition to her role at MIT Sloan Management Review, she is also the Director of Organic Activation at Appian Corporation³. She has a strong interest in IT leadership, cloud, emerging technologies, and is a food enthusiast³. Her work has been featured in various publications, including InformationWeek, PC World Australia, Tribune Content Agency, Network Computing, and The Enterprisers Project³.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/29/2023

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