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The article "Top AI Chatbots In 2024: Choosing The Ideal Bot For Your Business" provides an in-depth comparison of leading AI chatbots - ChatGPT, Google Bard, Claude, Bing Chat, and OORT - analyzing their distinct capabilities and limitations to help businesses determine optimal solutions fitting their needs.

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"While generative AI chatbots offer game-changing potential, companies must vigilantly match specific organizational priorities around accuracy, ethics, personalization, and real-time data to ideal platforms." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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As pioneering chatbots like conversational and creative ChatGPT and Google's ecosystem-integrated assistant complement safety-centric Claude and updated Bing Chat, customization specialist OORT distinguishes itself through security, analytics, and decentralization.

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  1. ChatGPT's artistic aptitude must balance inaccuracies and outdated knowledge requiring oversight for business needs.
  2. Google Bard leans on Gemini integration yet remains in trial mode exhibiting partnership restrictions hampering versatility.
  3. Claude's safety-first ethos avoids harms yet conversations may lack range fulfilling diverse users.
  4. Bing Chat promises the latest data but hallucinations persist as usability stays partially fulfilled beyond facts.
  5. OORT stresses security via decentralization providing robust customization though relying on robust data structuring.
  6. Use case alignment and tradeoff evaluations determine success more than isolated capabilities.
  7. Core considerations span accuracy, responsibility, personalization, security, integration, timeliness, and conversational range.
  8. Comprehensive analytics dashboards offer invaluable user insights to refine strategies and offerings.
  9. Specializations shine for precise applications as Claude's calculations or ChatGPT's content generation.
  10. Rapid evolution warrants adaptable solutions as teams update strengths and shortcomings.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age


Astute assessment of organizational needs and AI platform maturities allows exploiting generative chatbots responsibly optimizing customer and employee experiences through 2024's exponential change.


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Max (Chong) Li, Top AI Chatbots In 2024: Choosing The Ideal Bot For Your Business, Forbes, December 19, 2023.

Max (Chong) Li

Max (Chong) Li is the founder and CEO of Oort, a decentralized data cloud company¹². He is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University¹². Prior to founding Oort, he worked with Qualcomm Research on 4G LTE and 5G systems design². 

Max Li is an IEEE Senior member and holds over 200 International/US patents¹². He has published many academic papers in top-ranking journals like Proceedings of the IEEE¹. He also contributes to Forbes Digital Assets, where he writes about various topics including AI, blockchain, and the decentralized cloud¹. 

In addition to his roles at Oort and Columbia University, Max Li is the Managing Partner at Aves Lair and Co-Founder at Nakamoto & Turing Labs². His work spans across various platforms and he is known for his expertise in emerging technologies².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/27/2023

(1) Max (Chong) Li - maxli - Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maxli/.

(2) Max (Chong) Li - Founder & CEO @ Oort - Crunchbase. https://www.crunchbase.com/person/chong-li-82ee.

(3) BBS.NYC | 2023. https://www.bbs.nyc/.

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