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g-f(2)259 The Big Picture of the Digital Age (5/3/2021), HBR, The CEO of Pfizer on Developing a Vaccine in Record Time.

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First and most important lesson learned, success is a team effort. Every single person in our company and at BioNTech—from senior executives to manufacturing and transportation staffers—was instrumental in the development of our vaccine. 
  • The pandemic was the ultimate test of the pharmaceutical industry’s credibility and relevance, and in my view, the industry passed with flying colors. 
  • We have proved that we’re a group of vibrant companies willing and able to mobilize our exceptionally talented workforces and marshal all other resources to solve a life-or-death problem.
  • I see a bright future for Pfizer. Messenger RNA technology is poised to revolutionize vaccines, and we and BioNTech have a competitive edge. Our other business units also continue to thrive. 
  • Throughout my career at Pfizer, I’ve seen our people do extraordinary things when motivated.

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Albert Bourla (born October 21, 1961) is a Greek veterinarian and the chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company. He joined the company in 1993 and has held several executive roles across Pfizer's divisions. Prior to becoming chief executive officer, Bourla served as chief operating officer.

In addition to the boards of Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation, he serves or has served on the boards of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Catalyst, the Partnership for New York City, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Bourla is also a member of The Business Council and the Business Roundtable. He engages often with business and health leaders such as Bill Gates.

Bourla was motivated by an early love for animals and medicine and is credited with reshaping Pfizer to be a company focused on research and development and branded patent-protected prescription drugs. He is also credited with helping the development of Improvac, which eradicates boar taint, and for refocusing Pfizer's vaccine division to focus on staphylococcus, clostridioides difficile infection, infant diseases, and the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. He opposes government interference in pharmaceutical pricing, which he believes would hamper spending on development of new drugs.

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