Sunday, May 2, 2021

g-f(2)255 The Big Picture of the Digital Age (5/2/2021), geniouxfacts, “genioux facts” Knowledge Stories in a “g-f KBP” Chart.

Extra-condensed knowledge

This "genioux fact" is a knowledge block made up of 10 blocks of “genioux fact fast solution” or ultra-condensed golden knowledge juice.
  • “genioux facts” (g-f) stories of golden knowledge are born naturally.
  • The skeleton of the stories is the "g-f KBP (Knowledge Big Picture) chart".
  • The “g-f KBP chart” maintains a holistic view.
  • From g-f's KBP charts it is possible to extract fabulous stories synthesized in a single sentence or a short paragraph (i.e., “genioux facts fast solutions ”).
  • “genioux facts” knowledge stories (i.e., “g-f stories”) are golden knowledge essential to your greatness and to help build a much better world for all.

Genioux knowledge fact condensed as an image

The “genioux facts” Knowledge Big Picture (g-f KBP) charts

The “genioux facts” Knowledge Big Picture (g-f KBP) standard chart

The “genioux facts” Knowledge Big Picture (g-f KBP) graphic

Condensed knowledge

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

[genioux fact deduced or extracted from geniouxfacts]

Type of essential knowledge of this “genioux fact”: Essential Analyzed Knowledge (EAK).

Type of validity of the "genioux fact". 

  • Inherited from sources + Supported by the knowledge of one or more experts + Supported by research.

Authors of the genioux fact

Fernando Machuca



PhD with awarded honors in computer science in France

Fernando is the director of "genioux facts". He is the entrepreneur, researcher and professor who has a disruptive proposal in The Digital Age to improve the world and reduce poverty + ignorance + violence. A critical piece of the solution puzzle is "genioux facts"The Innovation Value of "genioux facts" is exceptional for individuals, companies and any kind of organization.

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