Tuesday, April 20, 2021

g-f(2)234 The Big Picture of the Digital Age (4/20/2021), geniouxfacts, Golden Knowledge (GK) to solve the polarized visions in the soccer industry.

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Financial intelligence is very important, but it must be applied comprehensively.
  • The European Super League is financially brilliant due to the use of the US sports league model.
    • This model has substantial business advantages for team owners.
    • This model has generated fabulous prosperity around the American sports leagues.
  • A solid and holistic solution must respect the knowledge of how the soccer industry has reached a fabulous level in Europe.
  • Without the Champions League, its history, its dreams, its evolution, its knowledge, the soccer industry would never have reached its maturity.
  • The golden knowledge of co-opetition could illuminate a solid solution to find a successful shared vision.

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