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g-f(2)121 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE, g-f Exponential Transformative Knowledge: Exponentially powerful transformative knowledge.

Extra-condensed knowledge

  • A g-f Exponential Transformative Knowledge  (g-f ETK) is a “genioux fact” that contains transformative knowledge of exponential scope. 
    • A "genioux fact" is a block of knowledge, with a unique identifier, deduced, extracted or produced from one or more knowledge containers (e.g., Articles, magazines, books, videos, “genioux facts”).
    • The validity of a "genioux fact" can be of different types.
  • A g-f Exponential Transformative Knowledge  (g-f ETK) has a world icon as identification. 
  • An example of a g-f ETK: g-f(2)78 HBR, A better understanding of co-opetition will help businesses, managers, and countries find a better way to work and succeed together.
  • Other 10 examples of a g-f ETK:
    • g-f(1)1, g-f(1)7, g-f(1)10, g-f(2)15, g-f(2)45, g-f(2)82, g-f(2)100, g-f(2)103, g-f(2)116, g-f(2)120.

Genioux knowledge fact condensed as an image

Condensed knowledge 

  • g-f(1)29 The validity of a "genioux fact". The validity of a "genioux fact" can be of different types.
  • g-f(2)53 MASTERING “THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE”: The process to build the “genioux facts” pyramid
    • The knowledge process to create the pyramid of essential knowledge of the "genioux facts" of the gold mines of golden knowledge executes three parallel tasks:
      • EXTRACT. This task selects containers of relevant golden knowledge to produce the "genioux facts" of Essential Deduced and Extracted Knowledge (EDEK) type. 
      • ANALYZE. This task analyzes the relevant golden knowledge containers, the “genioux facts” and even the entire built pyramid of essential knowledge to produce the “genioux facts” of the Essential Analyzed Knowledge (EAK) type.
      • SOLVE. This task is in charge of producing our proposed solutions (i.e., The "genioux facts" of the Essential Solution Knowledge (ESK) type) from relevant golden knowledge containers, "genioux facts", the entire built pyramid of essential knowledge and the knowledge of the authors of the solutions.

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

[genioux fact produced, deduced or extracted from "genioux facts"]

Type of essential knowledge of this “genioux fact”: Essential Solution Knowledge (ESK).

Type of validity of the "genioux fact". 

  • Inherited from sources + Supported by the knowledge of one or more experts.

Authors of the genioux fact

Fernando Machuca



Fernando Machuca is the director of "genioux facts"

He is an entrepreneurresearcher and professor (PhD with awarded honors in computer science in France) who has a disruptive proposal in the Digital Era to improve the world and reduce poverty + ignorance + violence. A critical piece of the solution puzzle is "genioux facts". The Innovation Value of "genioux facts" is exceptional for individuals, companies and any kind of organization.

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