Tuesday, February 16, 2021

g-f(2)122 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE, HBR, Exceptional business knowledge on January–February 2021 ISSUE.

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  • Adi Ignatius, the editor in chief of Harvard Business Review, describes an excellent application of the g-f Exponential Transformative Subject When to Work with Rivals. 
    • The unusual choice of HBR to partner with LinkedIn produced excellent results. 
    • LinkedIn is best known as a professional networking site, but it also publishes articles on management topics—competing with HBR for readers. 
  • g-f Exponential Transformative Knowledge
    • The Rules of Co-opetition
    • The Forgotten Dimension of Diversity
      • In discriminating against people who come from a lower social class, we’re discriminating against a majority of the workforce.
  • Key content of the current state of the art of some multidisciplinary business knowledge.
    • AI, Machine Learning.
    • Strategy, Business Models, Governance, Human Resources, Management, Sustainability, Negotiation, Compensation, Diversity, Family Business, Leadership, Managing Yourself, Case Study, Learned Lessons, Social Justice.

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Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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