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g-f(2)123 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE, Ade McCormack, What is the digital age? We appear to be losing the ability to think deeply.

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    • Many of us now have virtual lives as well as physical ones.
      • Some of us use our virtual life to promote an idealised physical life.
    • Technology is augmenting us in unimaginable ways. We have the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, thanks to smartphone technology, but we choose to use it primarily for shopping and picking arguments with strangers. Either way, Alexander Graham Bell would be dumbfounded.
    • Thanks to digital distraction, we appear to be losing the ability to think deeply. We take in content like a whale takes in plankton. In other words, very little of what we ‘consume’ has ‘nutritional’ value.
    • Many of us are happy to trade privacy for convenience. And some of us are unaware of the value of our own data.
    • It has never been so easy to share.

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Fernando Machuca



Extracted from https://mfl.global/

Advisor on Digital Leadership, macro-economic and technological megatrends

Ade McCormack is often referred to as a near futurist. He has a ‘bits to boardroom’ perspective on how organisations need to change to avoid disruption.  He is a former technologist who is now focused on helping organisations and individuals thrive in the post-industrial world.

Ade has some interesting perspectives on:

Leadership – It needs to be decentralised, situational and focused on removing the obstacles to enable people to do great work. Cognitive capital is the new asset class.

Digital – It is much more than the industrial era ‘amped up’ on tech steroids. It is in fact a natural response to key anthropological drivers. Organisations that recognise and embrace this will thrive in the digital age.

Attention – Attention is the currency of the digital age. Our well-being depends on how we manage our attention. This is in turn true for corporations. Inattentive organisations will fail in the digital age.

Business models – The most successful business model of all time is the tribe. Replicating the factors that make tribes successful will ensure organisational success.

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