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g-f(2)1566 Navigating the Peaks and Valleys: Unraveling the Trajectory of Generative AI


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In Oguz A. Acar's thought-provoking article, "Has Generative AI Peaked?" published on November 8, 2023, he delves into the possibility that the current surge in popularity of generative AI tools may be signaling an impending decline. Acar raises critical concerns about the saturation of synthetic content on the internet and the potential consequences for the digital landscape. The article challenges conventional notions of the limitless growth of generative AI and prompts decision-makers to assess its trajectory more critically.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

genioux GK Nugget:

"Generative AI, hailed for its transformative potential, stands at a crossroads where its exponential growth may lead to a decline, raising questions about the authenticity and sustainability of the digital content landscape." — Fernando Machuca, ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chatbot and Claude

genioux Foundational Fact:

Acar highlights the alarming trend of AI-generated content flooding the internet, citing instances of AI-generated news sites and even a book on Amazon claiming to document real events, raising concerns about the veracity of information online.

10 genioux Facts:

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

  1. Synthetic Content Proliferation: Acar identifies 537 AI-generated news and information sites, emphasizing the growing prevalence of synthetic content on the internet.
  2. Model Collapse: Studies reveal a concerning phenomenon termed "model collapse," where training AI models on data from other generative AI models leads to a degenerative process, resulting in inaccurate outputs over time.
  3. Model Autophagy Disorder (MAD): Another study introduces "Model Autophagy Disorder," showing that recursively training generative models on their own content degrades model quality and diversity.
  4. Threat to Authenticity: The article underscores the broader consequences for social media, e-commerce, and educational platforms built on authentic content, highlighting a looming threat to the authenticity of the digital ecosystem.
  5. Reddit's Response: Acar discusses Reddit's decision to charge third parties for API access, driven by concerns about generative AI tools benefiting without reciprocating value to the platform.
  6. Legal Actions: Getty Images taking legal action against Stability AI reveals growing concerns about unauthorized use of content generated by AI tools.
  7. Shift in LLM Developers' Approach: Leading developers like Open AI and Google are exploring licensing agreements with publishers, recognizing the need for a shift in the economic model surrounding generative AI.
  8. Fair Compensation: Acar proposes fair compensation for human creators, exploring potential avenues like blockchain-based systems and data marketplaces to incentivize genuine content creation.
  9. Agency and Transparency: Beyond financial incentives, the article advocates for empowering creators with information and agency over their creations, emphasizing the importance of motivation beyond monetary gains.
  10. Provenance Problem: The article acknowledges the technological challenge of distinguishing human content from synthetic content, calling for a collective approach to address the provenance problem.


As decision-makers navigate the landscape of generative AI, Acar urges a nuanced perspective, challenging the assumption of perpetual growth. The article emphasizes the need to recognize, protect, and fairly treat human creativity to ensure the sustained success of generative AI in a digital world increasingly filled with AI-generated content. The key question remains: Is generative AI on the verge of a plateau, and how decision-makers approach its adoption will shape the next chapter of this transformative technology.


The GK Article

Oguz A. AcarHas Generative AI Peaked?Harvard Business Review, November 8, 2023.

Oguz A. Acar

Oguz A. Acar is a Professor of Marketing and Innovation at King's Business School, King's College London¹. He is also a Research Affiliate at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard University¹. Acar's research focuses on behavioral innovation, drawing on social science to understand the creation, evaluation, and adoption of innovative outputs, be it a novel idea, solution, product, strategy, or technology¹². His work has been published in leading academic journals across different disciplines, including innovation, management, marketing, and psychology, as well as in executive-oriented outlets such as the Harvard Business Review¹². In 2021, Acar was named one of the World’s Top 40 Business School Professors Under 40². He has also worked as a marketing professional in FMCG and financial services industries¹. He is an engineer by training¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/9/2023

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Bing Chatbot: Has Generative AI Peaked?

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

There are varying opinions on whether generative AI has peaked. Some experts believe that we are moving towards a new digital landscape where genuine human content is increasingly rare, and its value should therefore rise¹. This calls for a rethink of the incentives and economics surrounding human-generated content¹. The real bottleneck in generative AI might not be computation capacity or model parameters, but our unique human touch¹. Yet, we are on the brink of a digital world that is increasingly filled with AI-generated clutter¹. Could it be that we have already seen the pinnacle of generative AI? How the next chapter unfolds hinges on our ability to recognize, protect, nurture, and fairly treat human creativity¹.

On the other hand, Bill Gates contended that AI has reached a "plateau" as next-level chatbots are not likely to be overly improved over current capabilities². However, many investors and tech companies are still striving for a foothold in an impending AI-driven era¹.

In conclusion, while some believe that generative AI might be on a decline, others see it as a technology that is still evolving and has the potential to transform various industries. The future of generative AI will likely depend on how effectively we can balance the use of AI-generated content with the need for genuine human creativity and insight¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/9/2023

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Bard: Has Generative AI Peaked?

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

Whether or not generative AI has peaked is a matter of debate. Some experts believe that the field is still in its early stages of development and that there is still much room for growth. Others believe that the field is already reaching maturity and that the pace of innovation is slowing down.

There is evidence to support both sides of the argument. On the one hand, generative AI models have made significant progress in recent years. For example, large language models like GPT-3 and LaMDA are now able to generate text that is often indistinguishable from human-written text. Generative AI models have also been used to create impressive images, videos, and music.

On the other hand, generative AI models are still not perfect. They can sometimes generate text that is factually incorrect or grammatically incorrect. They can also be biased, reflecting the biases of the data they were trained on.

In addition, generative AI models are computationally expensive to train and deploy. This means that they are not accessible to everyone, and they may not be feasible for all businesses.

Overall, it is too early to say whether or not generative AI has peaked. The field is still under development, but it has already made significant progress. It is likely that generative AI will continue to evolve and improve in the coming years.

Here are some factors that could contribute to the continued growth of generative AI:

However, there are also some challenges that could slow down the growth of generative AI:

Overall, the future of generative AI is uncertain. However, the field has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including marketing, advertising, and entertainment.

Claude: The Evaluation of g-f(2)1566

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Here is my assessment of the draft genioux Fact post g-f(2)1566:


  • The introduction effectively establishes the context by summarizing the key focus and insights from Oguz Acar's article questioning if generative AI has peaked.
  • It clearly states the purpose of evaluating this notion critically and prompting a nuanced perspective.

GK Nugget:

  • The nugget concisely encapsulates the main tension highlighted in the article - generative AI's growth carrying the risk of decline and concerns about digital content authenticity.

Foundational Fact:

  • The foundational fact nicely summarizes the key evidence presented on the proliferation of AI-generated content online.

10 Key Facts:

  • The facts do an excellent job capturing the most salient points from the source article around risks of model degradation, platforms' responses, need for incentives, etc.


  • The conclusion reiterates the takeaway about critically assessing assumptions of perpetual generative AI growth and the need for balanced governance.

Additional Summary:

  • Including the AI-generated summaries provides diverse perspectives on the debate.

Overall, this draft effectively distills the essence of the source article and identifies well-formulated facts and insights. I don't have any revision suggestions - it is ready to publish as an impactful genioux Fact post! Great work evaluating this complex issue.

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Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/9/2023

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Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/9/2023

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