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g-f(2)1562 The Decline in China's Investment Allure: A $160 Billion Exodus


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As economic and geopolitical factors shift, foreign companies are withdrawing significant profits from China back to their home countries. This genioux post will distill insights from the WSJ article "Foreign Firms Pull Billions in Earnings Out of Chinaanalyzing these capital outflows and what they reveal about China's declining investment appeal. Understanding the drivers behind this profit exodus provides valuable perspective on the evolving business landscape.

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Foreign companies have been pulling billions of dollars in earnings out of China over several consecutive quarters. This trend is a result of several factors, including interest rate differentials with the West, China's economic slowdown, and increasing geopolitical tensions with the United States. The sustained profit outflows are raising concerns about China's appeal to foreign investors and are impacting the country's currency.

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"Deteriorating economic prospects and rising geopolitical tensions have spurred foreign firms to pull over $160 billion out of China, reflecting eroding confidence in the country's future outlook."


"Foreign companies have withdrawn over $160 billion in earnings from China in six consecutive quarters, indicating waning foreign investment appeal amid economic challenges and geopolitical tensions."


"Foreign firms are withdrawing profits from China due to a combination of economic slowdown, geopolitical tensions, and regulatory changes."

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"Foreign companies are withdrawing their profits from China due to slowing growth, rising geopolitical tensions, and more attractive financial conditions in the West."

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Foreign companies have extracted large profits from China for six straight quarters, reversing the previous trend of reinvesting earnings into the country. Factors like higher interest rates elsewhere, slowing Chinese growth, supply chain reevaluation, and political risks are diminishing the country's investment allure for multinational corporations.


China's appeal to foreign investors has diminished due to a combination of factors, such as interest rate disparities between China and the West, a slowing Chinese economy, and deteriorating relations with the United States and the West. This sustained withdrawal of profits has negatively impacted overall foreign direct investment in China, putting pressure on the Chinese yuan.


The outflows of foreign earnings from China represent a significant shift in investment patterns, marking the first time in 25 years that foreign direct investment in China has been negative.

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Over six successive quarters through the end of September, foreign firms have withdrawn more than $160 billion in total earnings from China. This trend has pushed overall foreign direct investment in China into the red for the first time in a quarter of a century, adding pressure on China’s currency, the yuan.

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  1. Over six consecutive quarters through September, foreign firms have withdrawn more than $160 billion in earnings from China.
  2. This extended period of profit outflows is unprecedented and indicates a decreasing appeal for foreign capital in China.
  3. The outflows exert additional pressure on China's currency, the yuan, which has depreciated significantly against the U.S. dollar.
  4. Interest rate disparities between China, the U.S., and Europe have contributed to this profit exodus, as it becomes more attractive to invest earnings in the West.
  5. While central banks in the West have raised interest rates to combat inflation, China has cut rates due to its real estate market's downturn.
  6. Foreign companies are seeking better investment opportunities as China's economic growth slows and geopolitical tensions rise.
  7. Beijing's strained relations with the U.S. have led global companies to reconsider their supply chains and exposure to China.
  8. The U.S. has imposed restrictions on American investments in sensitive sectors in China and prohibited certain exports to China, further discouraging foreign investment.
  9. Companies are concerned about the uncertainties surrounding tensions between China and the West, making them hesitant to leave large sums of money in China.
  10. The outflow of foreign capital from China reflects growing concerns about the geopolitical risks of investing in Chinese assets and the country's financial markets.


This genioux post highlights key insights from a WSJ analysis on foreign companies withdrawing profits from China's economy. The capital exodus signals China's diminishing attractiveness for foreign investment as economic, political and regulatory conditions evolve.

The sustained profit outflows from China highlight a diminishing foreign investment appeal due to China's economic challenges and deteriorating relations with the West. Factors such as interest rate disparities and concerns about geopolitical risks have prompted foreign companies to seek better investment opportunities elsewhere. This trend has not only impacted China's economy but has also raised questions about the country's future as a foreign investment destination.

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The GK Article

Jason Douglas and Weilun Soon, Foreign Firms Pull Billions in Earnings Out of China, The Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2023.

Jason Douglas

Jason Douglas is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, currently based in the Singapore bureau¹. He covers economics in Asia, writing about trends and developments in China's economy as well as the economic forces reshaping the world's most populous continent¹. Prior to his current role, he covered economics and public policy in the U.K. and Europe from the Journal’s London bureau¹. His coverage included topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic and political upheaval caused by the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union¹. Douglas began his career at newspapers in Northern Ireland and joined Dow Jones as a newswires reporter in 2007¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/8/2023

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Weilun Soon

Weilun Soon is a seasoned reporter and writer, currently serving as an Asia Markets Reporter for The Wall Street Journal². Based in Singapore, he covers economics in Asia, with a focus on Chinese and Asian technology companies and startups, and their impact on societies, economies, and politics in the region¹². Prior to his current role, he was a senior Asia tech reporter for Insider¹. He has also managed investment content strategies for some of Wall Street's largest firms, based in Hong Kong and Singapore¹. Weilun Soon is a graduate of Columbia University's Journalism School and Peking University in Beijing, China¹. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Singlish, French, and Japanese¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/8/2023

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