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  • The web site of Accenture is a golden knowledge mine. 
    • The recent report Technology Vision 2021 is golden knowledge of exceptional quality.
  • Accenture Technology YouTube channel is also a golden knowledge mine. 
    • The play list Technology Vision 2021 has 8 videos of fabulous knowledge. 
  • The 2020 dominated by Covid-19 has triggered opportunities, risks and challenges for everyone.
    • Technology Vision 2021. Foreword.
      • 2020 changed the way we see and understand the world.
      • It also pushed a giant fast-forward button to the future. 
      • Leading organizations stepped up to use technology in extraordinary ways to keep their businesses and communities running—at speeds they thought previously impossible.
      • At Accenture, our cloud capabilities made the difference. They helped us pivot our global workforce to a remote-first approach, keeping our employees safe, productive, and ready to seamlessly serve our clients and partners in industries around the world.
  • Digital transformation is as necessary as it is complex.

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Tech Vision 2021 Global Launch | Accenture

  • The world is hungry for a new kind of leadership 
    • Amid the challenges of 2020, two truths became evident. More companies than ever have embraced the axiom that every business is a technology business, and they’ve ignited a new era of exponential transformation as technology continuously reshapes industries and the human experience. 
    • Now, as we begin shaping our post-pandemic reality, companies must learn to master change.
    • 2–3x revenue growth 
      • A recent study revealed that digital leaders (the top 10 percent of companies leading technology innovation) achieve 2–3x revenue growth as compared to their competitors—a widening divide that Accenture calls the “Digital Achievement Gap.”
  • Leadership Demands Technology Leadership 
    • We always talked about how technology would come to change the world, and now that enterprises across industries have accelerated their digital transformations all at once—it has. The era of the fast follower is effectively over. Perpetual change is here to stay, and leaders must not only embrace it, but catalyze it.
  • Leaders Don’t Wait for a New Normal, They Build It
    • As the saying goes: The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Prioritizing technology is essential to ensuring the enterprise doesn’t fall behind. However, true leadership will come from companies embracing radically different mindsets and models. The world has been beset by sweeping change and demands leadership that thinks boldly in response.
  • Broaden the Horizons of Leadership 
    • Technology makes the boldest ambitions achievable, but people are the north star that provide vision and direction. As they pioneer the new normal, enterprises are poised to have an outsized impact on the world around them—and financial success will only be one measure of leadership.
  • Our Moment is Now: 2021 Technology Trends 
    • Companies are no longer strictly competing for market share; they are competing to build their vision of the future faster than the competition. Success will depend on their ability to accelerate and master change in all parts of their business, which in turn will be a direct function of the technology decisions they make today.
  • Completing the picture 
    • Accenture’s Technology Vision report comprises a three-year set of technology trends, currently including trends from 2020 and 2019. It’s important to recognize that each year’s trends are part of a bigger picture. Tracking how they evolve over time offers a glimpse into how they may continue to grow in the future.

Accenture’s Technology Vision report comprises a three-year set of technology trends

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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Fernando Machuca



Group Chief Executive - Technology and Chief Technology Officer
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Oversees Accenture's Technology business globally. Also leads Accenture’s technology and innovation strategy, technology R&D, ventures, and ecosystem groups. Responsible for managing Accenture’s alliances, partnerships and senior-level relationships with leading and emerging technology companies. Member of Accenture’s Global Management Committee.

In-demand speaker at events around the world, including World Economic Forum Davos, DLD, Montgomery Summit, Milken Institute, and Forbes CIO Summit. Media commentator: examples of coverage range from the Financial Times to Fast Company, Bloomberg, and CNBC. Author of bestselling book "Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI" (Harvard Business Review Press, March 2018).  

Senior Managing Director and Lead – Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs
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Global Senior Managing Director of Accenture R&D Labs, Accenture Ventures, Accenture Strategic Growth Initiatives and Accenture Studios. Lead a variety of groups within Accenture for over 23 years, and have had the privilege to work across all the five
industries we serve.

I joined the Technology Research & Development team from Advanced Technology & Architecture where I was the global lead for Emerging Technology. I have held several global leadership roles within our technology group for Application Portfolio Optimization and SOA/Integration Architecture. I have worked at the leading edge of technology, notably in voice recognition, knowledge-based systems and neural networks.

Managing Director – Accenture Technology Vision
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Michael Biltz leads Accenture’s Vision R&D group and the enterprise's annual technology visioning process. Through Accenture’s Technology Vision Michael defines Accenture’s perspective on the future of technology beyond the current conversations about the IoT, social, cloud, mobility, and big data to focus on how technology will impact the way we work and live. From augmented reality to artificial intelligence, this year’s report—Technology Vision 2019 ( )—outlines the new technology trends that forward-thinking C level executives will use to position their organizations to drive growth, rather than focusing on cost-cutting and efficiency improvements.

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