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g-f(2)239 The Big Picture of Business Artificial Intelligence (4/23/2021), AAAS, Small images, big picture: Artificial intelligence to revolutionize microscopy.

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Researchers hope that bringing deep learning techniques to cell imaging and analysis could turn messy biological problems into solvable computations. 
  • The deep learning algorithms that power computational microscopes require large datasets to train them to perform independent tasks, but such datasets are not always readily available. Then the performance of these algorithms must be assessed to compare it to the current standard of analysis. 
  • Building bridges
    • Introducing AI into the daily practice of microscopy, whether you’re looking at cells or rocks, is to ensure that the technology can be used by any scientist, regardless of their knowledge of deep learning techniques.
  • The future of AI
    • Across the board, researchers working in academic and commercial settings see the greatest barrier to adopting AI into scientific life as fear of the unknown. Yet its increasing influence is undeniable.
    • There’s a sense that while change is inevitable, society needs to make a stronger commitment to ensuring all scientists can benefit from these new technologies. 

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