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g-f(2)238 The Big Picture of the Digital Age (4/22/2021), Fortune, The blistering pace of digital transformation is only going to get faster.

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History shows us that earlier industrial revolutions intersected with calamities and set up foundational changes that transformed societies. 
  • The pandemic ushered in a platform for tremendous, expedited change—change built on three converging technology trends. 
    1. Hyper-automation
      • Cloud computing, along with the various components of automation and artificial intelligence collectively referred to as composable services, are coming together to address the last mile.
    2. The data economy 
      • The one thing about data that stands out across the corporate world is that it has transitioned from being a collateral asset to becoming a first-class citizen.
    3. The future of work
      • The clearest view we have of the future of work is that it’s here today. 

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    Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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    Genpact, a 90,000-plus employee public corporation, serves hundreds of Fortune 500 clients in their digital transformation initiatives and builds and delivers the Cora platform and digital products and services globally.

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