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g-f(2)198 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE (4/5/2021), MIT SMR, Learning and Development Trends Today — and Beyond the Pandemic.

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It’s important to build a continuous-learning culture. 
  • Millennials like learning every day. 
  • They’re innovative — and they’re not afraid to change jobs. 
  • They want to find the right companies that work for them and are invested in them. 
  • So companies have to up their game to provide the right culture and growth opportunities to help this generation become a productive and engaged workforce.

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    Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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    MIT SMR Connections is the custom content creation unit within MIT Sloan Management Review.

    Rashim Mogha is customer market leader for leadership and business solutions at Skillsoft. In that role, she leads the group’s content, platform, customer success, sales, and marketing teams in delivering compelling experiences to customers. Previously, she held leadership roles at VMware, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and Automation Anywhere, where she built high-performing teams and launched innovative solutions. She is a prominent evangelist for women in technology and a frequent speaker at global conferences. Forbes and the Association for Training Development have featured her thoughts on leadership, training, and other issues, and Business Chief USA called her “the woman to watch.” Among other honors, she was named Woman of the Year at the Women in IT Awards Silicon Valley in 2019.

    I am passionate about creating business value by empowering and enabling leaders.
    Today’s world is driven by change and transformation and the need to adapt to these changing times is a critical aspect of professional and personal development. My ability to drive and execute business strategies has helped my customers adapt to this changing environment and has helped me drive success for businesses with multi-billion dollar revenue. (Amazon Web Services, Oracle, VMware, Automation Anywhere, and NIIT)

    In my career as a global leader, I have inspired my teams to dream big, innovate, learn how to find solutions, and create and execute their plans. I am passionate about the power of positive leadership and the impact it has on an individual's and team's success. I have successfully leveraged mindfulness, networking, mentorship, and sponsorship to build high-performing, diverse teams from scratch.

    If you are interested in knowing more about my work, please connect with/ follow me on LinkedIn.
    Twitter: @rmogha

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