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g-f(2)2575 Unleashing Internal Growth: AI's Transformative Power in Organizational Capabilities


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Introduction by Fernando and Claude:

Welcome to "g-f(2)2575 Unleashing Internal Growth: AI's Transformative Power in Organizational Capabilities." We are Fernando Machuca, the visionary behind the genioux facts program, and Claude, an AI assistant dedicated to advancing human knowledge. Today, we're excited to explore the groundbreaking insights from Marc Zao-Sanders' Harvard Business Review article on how AI is revolutionizing organizational growth from within.

Our journey in creating this genioux Fact post involved:

  1. Deep analysis of Zao-Sanders' comprehensive article
  2. Contextualizing its findings within the framework of the g-f New World
  3. Extracting golden knowledge (g-f GK) relevant to the g-f Transformation Game (g-f TG)
  4. Synthesizing insights to provide actionable strategies for leveraging AI in organizational growth

The importance of this article for winning the g-f TG in the g-f New World cannot be overstated. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, internal capability enhancement through AI emerges as a critical factor in organizational success. This article provides a roadmap for:

  • Harnessing AI to boost productivity and innovation within organizations
  • Developing a culture of AI adoption and experimentation
  • Equipping teams and individuals with strategies to leverage AI in their daily work
  • Addressing challenges in AI implementation and measurement

By mastering the concepts presented in this article, players in the g-f TG can position themselves at the forefront of the AI-driven organizational transformation. This knowledge is essential for developing strategies that leverage AI's potential to enhance internal capabilities, ultimately leading to sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the g-f New World.

As we delve into Zao-Sanders' analysis, we invite you to consider how these insights can be applied to your own organization or professional journey. Remember, in the g-f TG, those who effectively harness AI for internal growth are the ones who will thrive.

Let's embark on this exploration of AI's transformative power in organizational capabilities, uncovering the golden knowledge that will empower us to unleash internal growth in the digital age. Together, we'll unlock the strategies needed to win the g-f Transformation Game and excel in the g-f New World.


The Harvard Business Review article "How AI Can Change the Way Your Company Gets Work Done" by Marc Zao-Sanders offers a comprehensive look at how artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI (GenAI), can drive internal growth and enhance organizational capabilities. This insightful piece explores various ways companies can leverage AI to boost productivity, improve skills, and foster innovation across all levels of the organization.

genioux GK Nugget:

"AI, especially GenAI, has the potential to revolutionize internal growth and productivity by enhancing organizational capabilities, with research showing it can make knowledge work 25% faster and 40% better."  Fernando Machuca and Claude, July 3, 2024

genioux Foundational Fact:

AI offers multiple avenues for enhancing internal capabilities within organizations, from inferring skills from employee profiles to personalizing learning content. Notably, GenAI can significantly boost knowledge workers' performance in their daily tasks. Research indicates that GenAI can increase both the speed and quality of knowledge work, potentially leading to double-digit productivity growth. To harness this potential, companies need to foster a culture of experimentation, implement pilot programs, create AI champions, and measure success, while individuals and teams should find relevant use cases and lead by example in AI adoption.

The 10 most relevant genioux Facts:

  1. AI can infer skills from employee profiles and activities, enhancing talent management.
  2. AI can classify and personalize learning content, making it more accessible and relevant to employees.
  3. GenAI can boost knowledge worker performance directly in their workflow.
  4. Research shows GenAI can make knowledge work 25% faster and 40% better.
  5. Rapid, large-scale adoption of AI is possible, as demonstrated by previous technological revolutions like the internet.
  6. Companies can foster AI adoption by encouraging experimentation, implementing pilot programs, and creating AI champions.
  7. Measuring AI's impact on productivity is challenging but crucial for driving adoption and improvement.
  8. Teams can lead AI adoption by demonstrating real-time use cases in meetings and collaborative settings.
  9. Individuals can tap into AI-powered growth by finding relevant use cases in their daily work.
  10. Trust remains a significant barrier to AI adoption, particularly among certain demographic groups.


The integration of AI, especially GenAI, into organizational processes presents a transformative opportunity for internal growth and enhanced capabilities. While the potential for significant productivity gains is evident, successful implementation requires a strategic approach that balances experimentation with risk management. By fostering a culture of AI adoption at all levels - from corporate strategies to individual use cases - companies can position themselves to harness the power of AI for sustainable, long-term growth. As AI technology continues to evolve, organizations that effectively leverage these tools for internal capability enhancement will likely see substantial benefits in productivity, innovation, and overall competitive advantage in the rapidly changing business landscape.


The g-f GK Context

Marc Zao-SandersHow AI Can Change the Way Your Company Gets Work Done, Harvard Business Review, July 3, 2024. 


Marc Zao-Sanders is CEO and co-founder of, which develops algorithmic technology to make sense of corporate skills and learning content. He’s the author of Timeboxing – The Power of Doing One Thing at a Time. Find Marc on LinkedIn or at

Classical Summary of the Article:

This Harvard Business Review article, published on July 03, 2024, explores the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing organizational capabilities and driving internal growth. The author, Marc Zao-Sanders, argues that while traditional growth strategies focus on external expansion, AI offers powerful tools for developing internal capabilities.

Key points from the article include:

  1. AI Applications: The article outlines various applications of AI in organizational development, including skill inference from employee profiles, learning content classification and personalization, and performance enhancement for knowledge workers.
  2. Research Findings: Zao-Sanders cites research indicating that generative AI (GenAI) can increase the speed of knowledge work by 25% and improve its quality by 40%.
  3. Historical Context: The author draws parallels between the adoption of AI and previous technological revolutions, particularly the internet, suggesting that AI adoption could be even more rapid.
  4. Corporate Strategies: The article provides strategies for corporations to implement AI, including fostering experimentation, launching pilot programs, creating AI champions, and measuring success.
  5. Team-Level Implementation: Zao-Sanders suggests ways for teams to incorporate AI, such as using it in meetings and for brainstorming sessions.
  6. Individual Adoption: The article offers advice for individuals to leverage AI in their daily work, emphasizing the importance of finding relevant use cases.
  7. Trust Issues: The author acknowledges that trust remains a significant barrier to AI adoption, particularly among certain demographic groups.
  8. Measurement Challenges: While highlighting the potential for double-digit productivity growth, the article also notes the difficulties in accurately measuring AI's impact on organizational performance.
  9. Long-term Impact: Zao-Sanders argues that while AI-driven internal growth may take longer to manifest in revenues and profits, its impact will be more enduring as it enhances the organization's human capital.
  10. Balanced Approach: The article emphasizes the need for a balanced approach that encourages AI adoption while managing risks related to data security and reputation.

In conclusion, the article presents AI, particularly GenAI, as a powerful tool for enhancing organizational capabilities and driving internal growth. It provides a comprehensive guide for companies, teams, and individuals to harness the potential of AI, while also acknowledging the challenges in implementation and measurement. The author suggests that organizations that effectively leverage AI for internal capability enhancement will likely see substantial benefits in productivity, innovation, and overall competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Marc Zao-Sanders

Marc Zao-Sanders is the CEO and co-founder of, a learning tech company that develops AI to understand learning content in order to upskill people¹. He is passionate about algorithms, AI, and understanding how brains work¹. 

Zao-Sanders studied maths and philosophy at Oxford University¹. He has founded two social enterprises which helped non-privileged young people with their education and career aspirations, choices, and success¹. 

He is the author of the book, “Timeboxing: The Power of Doing One Thing at a Time” (St. Martin’s Essentials, March 2024), which is set to be translated into more than 30 languages¹. In his book, Zao-Sanders presents the antidote for a world where our time is constantly called on by countless, endless demands¹. 

Zao-Sanders is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and other publications with a focus on AI, learning, and timeboxing¹. He has followed the practice of timeboxing for over ten years³⁴⁵. He lives in London³⁴⁵.

In his role at, Zao-Sanders has made significant contributions to the field of learning technology, developing algorithmic technology to make sense of corporate skills and learning content¹. His work continues to provide valuable insights and guidance for those seeking to thrive in the digital age¹.

Source: Conversation with Copilot, 7/3/2024

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