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g-f(2)2242 Decoding the AI Landscape: Insights from the AI Index Report


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The AI Index, an extensive report compiled by the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), provides a comprehensive overview of the state of artificial intelligence (AI) through a series of revealing charts. In this summary, we distill the key insights from the report, shedding light on crucial trends shaping the AI landscape in 2023.

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"In 2023, the AI Index showcases the dominance of foundation models, the staggering rise in generative AI investments, and the overwhelming influence of the United States in AI development and private investment." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT, April 16, 2024

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While foundation models witness a surge in releases, open-source initiatives increase significantly, although closed-source models still outperform them. Moreover, industry giants like Google lead the charge in AI development, while the exponential increase in training costs edges academia and government out of the AI race.

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  1. Organizations released 149 foundation models in 2023, with 65.7% being open-source.
  2. Closed-source models achieved a median performance advantage of 24.2% over open-source models.
  3. Google leads in releasing the most foundation models, followed by OpenAI.
  4. Industry accounted for 72% of all new foundation models in 2023.
  5. Training costs for AI models skyrocket, with estimates reaching millions of dollars.
  6. The United States vastly outpaced other countries in developing notable AI models.
  7. Generative AI investments surged to $25.2 billion in 2023, nearly ninefold higher than in 2022.
  8. The United States leads in AI private investment, with $67.2 billion invested in 2023.
  9. More companies are adopting AI for various business functions, including contact center automation and personalization.
  10. Younger generations anticipate more significant effects from AI on their jobs compared to older generations.


As AI continues to reshape industries and societies worldwide, the insights from the AI Index underscore the dynamic nature of AI development, highlighting both its immense potential and the challenges it poses. With the United States at the forefront of AI innovation and investment, and with generative AI on the rise, understanding these trends is essential for navigating the evolving AI landscape.


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Shana LynchThe AI Index 2024 Annual Report,” AI Index Steering Committee, Institute for Human-Centered AIStanford UniversityAI Index: State of AI in 13 Charts, April 15, 2024.

Classical Summary:

The "AI Index: State of AI in 13 Charts" offers a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) based on data compiled in the AI Index report. Authored by Shana Lynch, the article delves into various facets of AI development, including the dominance of foundation models, the surge in generative AI investment, and the global distribution of AI-related activities. It highlights key trends such as the proliferation of open-sourced models, the escalating costs of training AI models, and the exponential growth in private investment, particularly in the United States. Additionally, the article explores societal perceptions and concerns regarding AI adoption, as well as the regulatory landscape surrounding AI technologies. Through 13 insightful charts, the article provides readers with a nuanced understanding of the current state and future trajectory of AI across industries and regions.

Shana Lynch

Shana Lynch is the Managing Editor at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)³. She is part of the AI Index Steering Committee, an interdisciplinary group of experts from across academia and industry¹². The AI Index is an independent initiative at Stanford HAI that tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data relating to artificial intelligence¹². This initiative enables decision-makers to take meaningful action to advance AI responsibly and ethically with humans in mind¹². The AI Index collaborates with many different organizations to track progress in artificial intelligence².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/17/2024

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Nestor Maslej, Loredana Fattorini, Raymond Perrault, Vanessa Parli, Anka Reuel, Erik Brynjolfsson, John Etchemendy, Katrina Ligett, Terah Lyons, James Manyika, Juan Carlos Niebles, Yoav Shoham, Russell Wald, and Jack Clark, The AI Index 2024 Annual Report,” AI Index Steering Committee, Institute for Human-Centered AIStanford University, Stanford, CA, April 2024. 

genioux facts”: The online program on "MASTERING THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE”, g-f(2)2235 AI Index Report 2024: Navigating the Rapidly Evolving AI LandscapeFernando Machuca and ClaudeApril 15, 2024, Genioux.com Corporation.

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