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g-f(2)2236 The Paradox of Productivity: Exploring AI's Impact on Team Performance


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In the realm of organizational dynamics, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked both excitement and apprehension. A recent study conducted by Columbia Business School, led by Professor Bruce Kogut and colleagues, sheds light on a critical aspect of this integration: the impact of AI on team performance. Their findings challenge conventional wisdom by revealing that even when AI surpasses human capabilities, its introduction to a team can lead to a decline in overall productivity. This phenomenon underscores the intricate interplay between technology and human behavior within organizational settings.

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"When AI teammates join, team performance drops, highlighting the complex interplay between technological superiority and human collaboration." — Juan Martinez, Harvard Business Review, May–June 2024

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The study employed the interactive video game "Super Mario Party’s Dash and Dine" to simulate team dynamics and measure performance. Contrary to expectations, teams with AI players experienced a notable decrease in productivity compared to those comprised solely of human members. This decline, attributed to diminished sociability, motivation, and trust within the teams, underscores the critical role of human factors in shaping the outcomes of AI integration efforts.

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  1. The study conducted by Columbia Business School examined the impact of AI on team functioning, focusing on team productivity and collaboration dynamics.
  2. Participants engaged in a video game task, Dash and Dine, which required coordination and teamwork, providing a controlled environment to observe the effects of AI integration.
  3. AI players demonstrated superior individual performance, outperforming human players by a significant margin.
  4. Despite individual prowess, teams with AI members exhibited a decrease in productivity compared to all-human teams.
  5. Surveys revealed that AI integration led to a decline in team sociability, motivation, effort, and trust among human teammates.
  6. The introduction of AI players disrupted established team dynamics, leading to a temporary decrease in overall team performance.
  7. The study identified a "spillover effect," where adjacent all-human teams also experienced a decline in performance following AI integration in neighboring teams.
  8. Mitigating the detrimental effects of AI integration requires strategic pairing of AI with highly skilled human workers, who can effectively integrate AI into team dynamics.
  9. High-skilled humans and intelligent agents working together demonstrate higher performance levels, highlighting the importance of strategic collaboration.
  10. Managers play a crucial role in facilitating effective collaboration between humans and AI, emphasizing the need for understanding and leveraging human strengths in tandem with technological capabilities.


As organizations navigate the complexities of AI integration, the study's findings underscore the nuanced relationship between technology and teamwork. By recognizing the multifaceted impact of AI on team dynamics and productivity, managers can proactively address challenges and leverage opportunities to foster effective collaboration in the era of AI.


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Juan Martinez, When AI Teammates Come On Board, Performance Drops, Harvard Business Review, From the Magazine (May–June 2024).


Juan Martinez is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review. 

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The Harvard Business Review article "When AI Teammates Come On Board, Performance Drops" examines the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) integration on team dynamics and productivity. Researchers from Columbia Business School conducted an experiment using the video game Super Mario Party to simulate team interactions. Despite AI's superior individual performance, teams with AI members experienced a decline in productivity compared to those with only human members. The study highlights the importance of considering the sociability, motivation, and trust within teams when introducing AI, emphasizing the need for strategic human-AI collaboration to optimize performance.

Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez is a Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review¹³⁴⁵. He has a diverse range of bylines in publications such as ESPN, Esquire, and NBC News¹³. His expertise lies in covering economic and political developments in Latin America³. He has contributed to various articles and posts that delve into the complexities of artificial intelligence, the challenges executives face in understanding and implementing AI in their organizations, and the transformative impact of generative AI on enterprises and industries¹⁴⁵. Martinez emphasizes the need for continuous learning and the development of AI literacy among leaders¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/16/2024

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