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The advent of OpenAI's Sora AI video tool marks a significant leap in artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling the transformation of text prompts into remarkably realistic and detailed videos. With the promise of revolutionizing video production, this technology raises both excitement and concern about its implications for society and the future of creative industries.

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"OpenAI's Sora AI video tool represents a groundbreaking advancement in AI technology, allowing for the generation of highly realistic videos from simple text prompts, paving the way for potential disruptions across various industries, particularly in video production." —  Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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OpenAI's Sora AI video tool, though not yet publicly released, has already demonstrated its remarkable potential to streamline video production processes through the generation of lifelike videos from text prompts. While hailed for its innovation, concerns linger regarding the tool's impact on job displacement and the ethical implications of AI-generated content. As industry observers marvel at its capabilities and anticipate its widespread adoption, questions about transparency, accountability, and human involvement in the creative process underscore the need for careful consideration and regulation in advancing AI technologies.


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Joanna SternOpenAI Made AI Videos for Us. These Clips Are Good Enough to Freak Us Out., The Wall Street Journal, March 13, 2024.

OpenAI's Sora Made Me Crazy AI Videos—Then the CTO Answered (Most of) My Questions | WSJ

Joanna Stern

Joanna Stern is The Wall Street Journal’s senior personal technology columnist and author of the Tech Things newsletter. She also hosts and produces the Tech Things video series.

An Emmy Award-winning journalist, she has spent the better part of two decades covering the technology industry with a focus on the consumer. She helps you better understand new tech trends and make smarter decisions. Her documentary “E-Ternal: A Tech Quest to Live Forever” won the 2021 Emmy in the category of outstanding science, technology or environmental coverage. Among other honors, she has won two Gerald Loeb awards for her technology writing and videos.

Stern is an NBC News and CNBC contributor and often appears on national television and radio programs. Before joining the Journal in 2013, she was the technology editor at ABC News and before that a reviewer and editor at the Verge. She graduated from Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., and lives in New Jersey with her wife, sons and dog.

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