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g-f(2)2001 Authoritarianism's Heavy Toll: Xi Gambles Away Key Milestones as China Falters


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The article "Xi is tanking China’s economy. That’s bad for the U.S." discusses how China under Xi Jinping is facing mounting economic and demographic headwinds that undermine its goal of surpassing the US as the largest economy and attaining global dominance. Xi's restrictive policies are backfiring.

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"Xi Jinping's authoritarian stranglehold and ideological rigidities have critically hobbled China's economic vitality, eroding its global standing and diminishing prospects of displacing America's superpower supremacy." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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Instead of reaching its trumpeted 2035 milestone for overtaking the US economy, China is skidding into an era of slowing growth, defaults, unfinished housing, market plunges, and deflation as its population rapidly ages.

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  1. Xi has stalled reforms, silenced critics, and embraced conflict - causing China to become less prosperous and competently governed.
  2. Despite scrapping zero-COVID, China sees construction, manufacturing, and consumer spending all shriveling.
  3. While its stock market has lost $6 trillion in 3 years, stalling property markets spook buyers.
  4. China's shrinking workforce and swelling elderly populace are outstripping its development pace.
  5. Xi spurns stimulus and welfare expansions while putting politics over economic necessity.
  6. Past respected economic policymakers have been sidelined for loyalist yes-men as decision paralysis takes hold.
  7. Security and ideological concerns trump growth as Xi resists private sector emphasis.
  8. China is getting old before getting rich - following Japan's "lost decade" rather than displacing the US.
  9. Relief at China's woes would be shortsighted given linkages with US agriculture and allies.
  10. For prosperity, Xi must acknowledge his authoritarian model has failed - but his grip on power blocks acceptance.


The data shows China's global leadership ambitions are growing more disconnected from realities under Xi, but its troubles still bode ill for interlinked US economic interests and allies in the short term. The irony is Xi's triumphalism has only sped up the hollowing out of China's great power pretensions.


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The Editorial BoardXi is tanking China’s economy. That’s bad for the U.S.The Washington Post, February 21, 2024.

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Members of the Editorial Board: Opinion Editor David Shipley, Deputy Opinion Editor Charles Lane and Deputy Opinion Editor Stephen Stromberg, as well as writers Mary Duenwald, Shadi HamidDavid E. HoffmanJames HohmannHeather LongMili MitraEduardo PorterKeith B. Richburg and Molly Roberts.

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The Editorial Board of The Washington Post is a group of experienced journalists and editors who meet regularly to discuss the latest news and opinion trends⁴. They decide on the publication's stance on a range of issues, including current events, and determine who will write which editorials and for what day⁴. The board's opinions are published under "The Post's View" section¹. Their work covers a wide array of topics, from politics and economics to social issues and cultural commentary¹. The Editorial Board operates independently of The Washington Post's newsroom⁴..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/22/2024

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The article "Xi is tanking China’s economy. That’s bad for the U.S." from The Washington Post discusses the impact of Chinese President Xi Jinping's policies on China's economy and its implications for the U.S¹. It suggests that China's policymakers have the tools to fix the country's problems, but that would require a significant change in course¹. The article implies that Xi's policies are negatively affecting China's economy, which could have adverse effects on the U.S. and the global economy¹. However, the specific details about how Xi is tanking China's economy and why it's bad for the U.S. are not available in the sources I can access¹. For a comprehensive understanding, I recommend reading the full article on The Washington Post's website.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/22/2024

(1) The Post's View - The Washington Post.

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(3) Biden and Xi's meeting sent an important signal for U.S ... - CNBC.

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