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g-f(2)1713 FunSearch Unleashed: Revolutionizing Math with AI Creativity


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The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and mathematics has reached a new milestone with DeepMind's FunSearch, an AI system making significant strides in solving combinatorics problems inspired by the card game Set. In a groundbreaking development reported in Nature on December 14, 2023, the large language model (LLM)-based system showcased its capacity to surpass existing mathematical knowledge, marking a notable departure from previous applications that focused on solving problems with known solutions.

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"FunSearch, developed by Google DeepMind, represents the first instance of an LLM-based system exceeding the boundaries of established mathematical and computer science knowledge, demonstrating not only novelty but also superior effectiveness compared to current methodologies." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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The AI system leverages a creative approach, treating the LLM as a "creativity engine." Named FunSearch, the system automatically formulates requests for the LLM to generate short computer programs capable of producing solutions to specific mathematical problems. By quickly assessing the generated solutions against known ones, FunSearch iteratively refines its approach based on feedback, exhibiting a learning mechanism akin to human creativity.

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  1. FunSearch introduces a paradigm shift by using LLMs not to solve problems with known solutions but to tackle open questions in mathematics and computer science, showcasing its capacity to go beyond existing knowledge.
  2. Unlike previous experiments, FunSearch focuses on generating solutions for unsolved problems, specifically those inspired by the card game Set, within the realm of combinatorics.
  3. The system's unique approach involves treating the LLM as a "creativity engine," where it spontaneously generates short computer programs aimed at addressing mathematical challenges.
  4. FunSearch employs a swift evaluation mechanism, quickly discarding incorrect solutions generated by the LLM and retaining viable ones for further exploration.
  5. DeepMind computer scientist Bernardino Romera-Paredes describes the LLM's role as a creativity engine, emphasizing that not all generated programs are useful, but the system efficiently filters out incorrect ones.
  6. The system's effectiveness is exemplified through its application to the 'cap set problem,' a challenge arising from the game Set, where FunSearch surpassed existing lower bounds for a specific scenario (n = 8) by generating novel solutions.
  7. FunSearch's success in improving mathematical lower bounds presents an exciting avenue for collaboration between humans and machines, offering a framework for understanding and learning from the generated AI programs.
  8. The collaborative nature of FunSearch allows human mathematicians to view and learn from successful AI-generated programs, fostering a unique form of human–machine collaboration distinct from traditional black-box AI applications.
  9. The card game Set, which inspired the mathematical challenges addressed by FunSearch, involves players identifying combinations of cards based on various attributes, providing a rich source of problems for combinatorial exploration.
  10. DeepMind's Pushmeet Kohli highlights that FunSearch is not just a novel approach but a more effective one than existing methodologies, offering a promising avenue for advancing mathematical discovery with the assistance of AI.

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FunSearch's groundbreaking application signifies a transformative moment in the synergy between AI and mathematics, showcasing its ability to pioneer solutions for previously unsolved problems. This collaborative approach, exemplified by FunSearch's human–machine interaction, opens new possibilities for leveraging AI as a force multiplier in mathematical exploration, emphasizing augmentation rather than replacement of human expertise.


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Davide Castelvecchi, DeepMind AI outdoes human mathematicians on unsolved problem, nature, December 14, 2023.

Davide Castelvecchi

Davide Castelvecchi is a staff reporter at Nature³⁴. He has been obsessed with quantum spin for essentially his entire life³⁴. His work primarily revolves around the field of quantum computing and its implications. He has written about various topics in this field, including IBM's quantum computer passing a calculation milestone¹, the race to save the Internet from quantum hackers², and how gravitational waves could solve some of the Universe’s deepest mysteries⁵. His articles provide insights into the latest developments and challenges in the field of quantum computing¹².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/14/2023

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