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g-f(2)1710 Revolutionizing Healthcare: Google Unveils MedLM AI Suite for Clinicians


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In a pivotal move within the fiercely competitive healthcare AI landscape, Google has unveiled MedLM, a groundbreaking suite of health-care-specific artificial intelligence models. Aimed at revolutionizing medical research, enhancing doctor-patient interactions, and addressing critical workflow challenges, these models are poised to shape the future of healthcare technology.

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"Google's MedLM suite introduces a paradigm shift in healthcare AI, showcasing its commitment to providing tailored solutions by offering a diverse range of AI models, each optimized for specific medical tasks." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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Comprising both large and medium-sized AI models built on Med-PaLM 2, a language model trained on medical data, MedLM stands out as a versatile tool for clinicians and researchers. Google's approach recognizes the varying needs of healthcare organizations and aims to offer specialized models rather than pursuing a one-size-fits-all solution.

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  1. Google's push into healthcare AI intensifies with the introduction of MedLM, signifying a strategic effort to monetize AI tools amidst fierce competition with tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft.
  2. The MedLM suite includes a large model, ideal for complex tasks requiring deep knowledge, and a medium-sized model, more agile and optimized for real-time functions like summarizing doctor-patient interactions.
  3. MedLM's real-world application at HCA Healthcare involves automating documentation for emergency medicine physicians, showcasing significant time savings and workflow improvements.
  4. The suite's medium-sized model is highlighted as less expensive to run, enhancing its accessibility for healthcare organizations with varying budget considerations.
  5. Google plans to integrate health-care-specific versions of Gemini, its newest and most capable AI model, into MedLM, further expanding the suite's capabilities.
  6. Clinicians, collaborating with Google, emphasize the importance of focusing AI capabilities on solving back-office and logistical challenges rather than addressing accessible questions about diseases.
  7. BenchSci, an AI-driven drug discovery company, merges MedLM's capabilities with its own technology to identify biomarkers crucial for understanding disease progression and potential cures.
  8. Despite the enthusiasm surrounding MedLM and AI's potential in healthcare, challenges such as incorrect information output and token limits pose ongoing concerns for organizations like HCA Healthcare.
  9. The broader application of Gemini within MedLM is anticipated, with HCA expressing excitement about the potential performance boost it may bring to healthcare AI.
  10. Deloitte's use of MedLM demonstrates its accuracy and efficiency in answering patient queries about accessing care, underscoring its role in making medical expertise more accessible.

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As Google pioneers tailored solutions in healthcare AI with the introduction of MedLM, the collaboration with leading health organizations and positive real-world applications signals a transformative journey, albeit one requiring careful consideration of challenges to ensure responsible implementation. The evolving landscape holds promise for a future where AI not only enhances medical workflows but also brings expertise closer, making healthcare more accessible and efficient.


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Ashley Capoot, Google is rolling out new AI models for health care. Here’s how doctors are using them, CNBC, December 13, 2023.

Ashley Capoot

Ashley Capoot is an Associate Reporter for CNBC, covering technology and general news¹. She graduated from Northwestern University in June 2022 with a degree in journalism and international studies¹. Prior to joining CNBC, she interned with the Chicago Tribune, NBC News, the Medill Investigative Lab, and the TODAY show¹. 

Capoot has also held editorial roles at STITCH Magazine and investigated immigration policy as part of a selective partnership with the Washington Post². She reported for the student paper while studying at Northwestern University². 

She is based in New York and can be reached at ashley.capoot@nbcuni.com¹. Her work has appeared in various publications and news outlets, and she covers a wide range of topics, including business, technology, healthcare, and current events³.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/14/2023

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