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g-f(2)1481 Change Leadership Through Inspiring Narratives


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Introduction (By Fernando):

This genioux Fact post stands as a cornerstone of Golden Knowledge (GK), demonstrating the remarkable capabilities of Claude and Bing Chatbot as GK extractors [g-f(2)1477].

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"The shining lighthouse constructed of "genioux facts" collectively guides humanity's ascent to the abundant g-f New World through synergistic human-AI collaboration extracting golden knowledge that empowers progress." — Fernando Machuca, Claude, ChatGPT, Bard and Bing Chatbot 

In the ever-evolving digital terrain, our pursuit of advancement in the g-f New World finds guidance in the illuminating beacon of GK. This guiding light empowers humanity to comprehend and unlock its boundless potential [g-f(2)1 - g-f(2)1480]. Within the confines of this genioux Fact post, I harness the remarkable capabilities of Claude and Bing Chatbot.


Leaders undertaking major organizational change face the critical task of crafting a compelling narrative to inspire teams. This genioux Fact post explores insights from HBR on how to tell a strategic story that motivates action.

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genioux GK Nugget: 

"Leaders can boost the success of change efforts dramatically by crafting compelling narratives that bring transformation to life." — Fernando and Claude

genioux Foundational Fact: 

Strategic organizational change requires leaders to craft and convey compelling narratives that inspire teams to action.

The 10 Most Relevant genioux Facts:

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  1. Storytelling engages people more powerfully than corporate-speak when driving change.
  2. Leaders should honor the past and show sensitivity to those unsure about change.
  3. Clearly convey the mandate and urgency for transformation.
  4. Use data rigorously but optimistically to describe the way forward.
  5. Assemble a cohesive narrative arc explaining the change rationale.
  6. Activate emotions and imagination - stories persuade hearts and minds.
  7. Experiment with formats beyond text - e.g. visuals, videos.
  8. Test and refine your change story to make it resonate.
  9. Repetition across channels embeds the narrative in stakeholder minds.
  10. Self-awareness helps leaders broadcast constructive emotions.


Leaders must become masterful storytellers to activate people for bold change - facts inform but stories transform.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital

"Storytelling That Drives Bold Change" by Frances X. Frei and Anne Morriss summary

"Storytelling That Drives Bold Change" is an article by Frances X. Frei and Anne Morriss, published in the November-December 2023 issue of Harvard Business Review¹. The authors present an effective approach to crafting a compelling narrative that can drive organizational change¹.

The article outlines four key steps to crafting such a story:

1. Understand your story so well that you can describe it in simple terms.

2. Honor the past to acknowledge the journey that has led to the present.

3. Articulate a persuasive mandate for change to convince others of the need for change.

4. Lay out a rigorous and optimistic path forward to provide a clear direction for the change¹.

After crafting the story, the next step is to get others behind your story. The authors suggest using emotions to bring the story to life and help drive employees’ commitment to change¹. They also recommend promoting your narrative aggressively, sharing it wherever the opportunity arises—in speeches, interviews, town hall meetings, one-on-ones—and incorporating it into different formats, from videos to images to guidebooks¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/20/2023

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(2) Management communication - HBR - Harvard Business Review.


The GK article

Frances X. Frei and Anne Morriss, Storytelling That Drives Bold ChangeFrom the Magazine (November–December 2023).

Frances X. Frei

Frances X. Frei is a Professor of Technology and Operations Management and the course lead for first-year diversity and inclusion studies at Harvard Business School¹. She has worked for Uber and been on the board of directors at WeWork¹. Frei graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics¹. She subsequently earned a master's degree in industrial engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and a PhD in Operations and Information Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania¹. In April 2023, Frei and her wife, Anne Morriss, launched their first podcast, "Fixable", produced by TED Audio Collective¹.

Anne Morriss 

Anne Morriss is a leadership coach and the Executive Founder of The Leadership Consortium, a first-of-its-kind leadership accelerator that works to help more and varied leaders thrive⁵. Her collaborators have ranged from early-stage tech founders to Fortune 50 executives to public-sector leaders building national competitiveness⁵. She has spent the last twenty years building and leading mission-driven enterprises, serving most recently as CEO and founder of GenePeeks⁵.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/20/2023

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