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g-f(2)242 The Big Picture of Business Artificial Intelligence (4/24/2021), Smithsonian Magazine, What If Humans and Artificial Intelligence Teamed Up to Build Better Communities?

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Smithsonian’s ‘Futures’ exhibition team and Autodesk announce groundbreaking interactive experience to showcase a bold new problem-solving philosophy.
  • Humanity has long framed its relationship with artificial intelligence in adversarial terms: the age-old contest of humans vs. machines. 
  • The truth is that A.I.s make much better collaborators than combatants. 
  • It is within the framework that the real magic happens. Here resides the “Future Communities” interactive, a unique experience in which visitors will be invited to design a futuristic city block from scratch using a digital toolkit—with suggestions from a sophisticated A.I. guiding them along the way.
  • Ray Wang, a senior research scientist at Autodesk, hopes the Future Communities installation, and the “Futures” exhibition as a whole, will show visitors how “technology can help people work together” towards a smarter, more equitable world. “A united future is one that’s going to be diverse and complex,” he says, “and we have to draw on all the resources we have” in order to get there.

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Autodesk: The Co-Lab #TheFUTURES

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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Ryan graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Science, Technology & Society and now writes for both Smithsonian Magazine and the World Bank's Connect4Climate division. He is also a published crossword constructor and a voracious consumer of movies and video games.

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