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g-f(2)230 The Big Picture of the Digital Age (4/18/2021), WSJ, Europe’s Top Soccer Clubs Threaten to Form ‘Super League’.

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A small group of soccer’s richest clubs is threatening to remake the fabric of the game by breaking away from the traditional European structures and setting up a controversial, long-rumored “super league.” 
  • All of which leaves European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, at odds with some of its most valuable and popular members. Tension has been mounting for years over how to slice up a global television and commercial rights pie that is currently worth more than $3.3 billion a year.
  • UEFA rushed to condemn what it called “a cynical project,” adding that the super league format was “founded on the self-interest of a few clubs at a time.” 
  • The organization also vowed to ban any clubs that join the new league from its own tournaments, including the Champions League, and deny their players the chance to represent their national teams.

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