Sunday, April 18, 2021

g-f(2)228 The Big Picture of the Digital Age (4/18/2021), NYT, Top European Soccer Teams Agree to Join Breakaway League.

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A group of the world’s richest and most storied soccer clubs has agreed in principle on a plan to create a breakaway European club competition that would, if it comes to fruition, upend the structures, economics and relationships that have bound global soccer for nearly a century.
  • The breakaway teams include Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Manchester United and Liverpool in England, and Juventus and A.C. Milan in Italy.
  • At least 12 teams have either signed up as founding members or expressed interest in joining the breakaway group, including six prominent teams from England’s Premier League, three from Spain and three from Italy, according to the people with knowledge of the plans.
  • UEFA found a powerful ally in opposition to the plans in FIFA, soccer’s global governing body. 
    • FIFA warned that any player who took part in such an unsanctioned league would be banned from appearing in the World Cup.

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Tariq Panja (@tariqpanja) is a British journalist who is a global sports reporter for The New York Times based in London.

Panja began his journalism career as a general news reporter at the Manchester Evening News in 2004 before joining the Associated Press as a news reporter in 2005. He also had a short stint at the pan-European broadcaster Eurosport.

He left to cover sports news for Bloomberg LP in 2008 and he broke a string of exclusives surrounding corruption at football's world governing body, FIFA. He moved to The New York Times as a sports reporter in 2017 at the insistence of assistant sports editor Andrew Das.

Panja co-authored "Football's Secret Trade: How the Player Transfer Market was Infiltrated," published by Bloomberg in 2017. Later that year, he made the shortlist for the media category at the Asian Football Awards. He is a regular contributor to NPR.

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