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g-f(2)176 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE, 3/23/2021, PwC, 24th Annual Global CEO Survey. A leadership agenda to take on tomorrow.

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  • Survey methodology
    • PwC surveyed 5,050 CEOs in 100 countries and territories in January and February of 2021. The global and regional figures in this report are based on a sub-sample of 1,779 CEOs, proportionate to country nominal GDP to ensure that CEOs’ views are representative across all major regions. The industry and country-level figures are based on the full sample of 5,050 CEOs. Further details by region, country and industry are available on request. Ninety-three percent of the interviews were conducted online and 7% by post, by telephone or face-to-face. All quantitative interviews were conducted on a confidential basis.
  • Some key points
    • An improved outlook
      • When asked about their outlook on the global economy, 76% of CEOs say they believe it will improve during the next 12 months.
      • That’s nearly 20 percentage points greater than the previous record high for optimism, over all the years we have been asking this question.
    • Industry effects
      • Industries were affected in different ways by COVID-19, as lockdowns and other restrictions changed the way we work, live, travel and shop. This disparity is reflected in confidence levels, both in our survey results and in our interviews with CEOs. 
      • CEOs in technology are more confident than their peers in every other industry, a natural byproduct of the pandemic’s digital acceleration.
    • Lingering anxiety 
      • Despite their confidence, CEOs are acutely aware of threats in the external environment, starting with the obvious: pandemics and other health crises are the number one threat on this year’s list, with 52% of CEOs stating they are ‘extremely concerned.’
      • CEOs express increasing concern about cyber threats, misinformation and tax policy uncertainty.
    • Danger lurking online 
      • In contrast with the slow ascent of climate concerns, cyber has fast become a major source of anxiety. Now the number two concern, it was cited by 47% of CEOs, compared with 33% last year. 
      • Among CEOs in North America and Western Europe, it was the top threat. 
      • Likely influencing the response was the uptick in high-visibility cyberattacks during 2020, some revealed just weeks before our survey went out.
    • Digital acceleration 
      • The increase in CEOs’ concern about cyber threats and misinformation coincides with the rapid acceleration of many companies’ digital transformation during the pandemic—efforts that are not slowing down. 
      • Nearly half of CEOs plan increases of 10% or more in their long-term investment in digital transformation. 
      • Paradoxically, despite the level of concern CEOs registered about cyberattacks, just under half of those planning for heightened digital investment are also planning to boost their spending on cybersecurity and data privacy by 10% or more.

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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