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g-f(2)175 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, 3/22/2021, TechRepublic, Change brings possibility: A new era of sustainable digital transformation.

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  • As the pandemic redefined society, agility, digital preparedness and resiliency became the formula for a new era of sustainable digital transformation and resiliency, according to a new report from Kin + Carta
  • The fifth annual 2021 Change Report presents a snapshot of how the world is changing, what this means for business leaders and the theme that change presents opportunity for the good of people, profit and planet, the U.K.-based global digital transformation advisory firm said. 
  • It also notes that the pandemic brought progress alongside its failures in that "it shed light on what is most important to people, it sped up innovation, and forced huge technological advancements," according to the firm. 
  • The forces of change that businesses have to navigate as a result are permanent, consequential and constantly moving forward, Kin + Carta said.
  • The global business ecosystem is experiencing much more than just a shift in trends, Kelly Manthey (group chief executive of Kin + Carta) added. 
    • The report breaks down the complexities that will impact business and humanity in the coming years, while presenting actionable ways business leaders can reshape their current realities and reimagine their future.
  • The report covers nine themes in three categories: How we interact, how we problem solve and how businesses engage customers.

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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