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g-f(2)154 The Big Picture of Artificial Intelligence, MIT Technology Review, “We’ll never have true AI without first understanding the brain”.

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  • Jeff Hawkins' ideas could revolutionize AI.
    • Why do you think AI is heading in the wrong direction at the moment?
      • That’s a complicated question. Hey, I’m not a critic of today’s AI. I think it’s great; it’s useful. I just don’t think it’s intelligent.
    • We’re going to need to build machines that work along similar principles. The only examples we have of intelligent systems are biological systems. Why wouldn’t you study that?
    • So what is it brains do that’s crucial to intelligence that you think AI needs to do too?
      • There are four minimum attributes of intelligence, a kind of baseline.
    • How do most AI researchers feel about these ideas?
      • The vast majority of AI researchers don’t really embrace the idea that the brain is important. 
    • Most people aren’t trying to replicate the brain. It’s just whatever works, works. And today’s neural networks are working well enough.
    • Most people in AI have very little understanding of neuroscience. It’s not surprising, because it’s really hard.

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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I am the senior editor for AI at MIT Technology Review, where I cover new research, emerging trends and the people behind them. Previously, I was founding editor at the BBC tech-meets-geopolitics website Future Now and chief technology editor at New Scientist magazine. I have a PhD in computer science from Imperial College London and know what it’s like to work with robots.

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