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g-f(2)63 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE: PwC, Esports leads the Top 10 sports by potential to grow revenues

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  • Benefiting from unprecedented exposure in the mainstream media, esports unsurprisingly emerged as the big winner of this lockdown period. 
  • The simulated sports genre, which temporarily turned into a substitute for real, physical sports, is even ranked first by respondents.
  • The growth potential of the ultimate global games – football and basketball – remains robust, as confirmed by the large broadcast audiences recorded by the major competitions at the time of their respective restarts.

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PwC’s Sports Survey 2020, Sports industry: rebooting system, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC.


The Sports Business Advisory team was established by PwC Switzerland in 2012 and has evolved into PwC’s sport business hub for Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The team helps sports industry players design effective strategies, identify new growth opportunities and optimize their operations to meet their business goals. Working closely with PwC teams and functional experts in various territories throughout our network, we’ve delivered projects for a variety of organisations across the EMEA region. Since 2016, we’ve published PwC’s Sports Survey annually, checking the pulse of the sports industry on growth expectations and a wide range of strategic and organisational topics. We hope you found the fifth edition of this publication insightful.

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