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g-f(2)2594 Unveiling the Secrets of Genius Teams


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Introduction by Fernando and Copilot:

Hello, this is Fernando Machuca and Copilot, welcoming you to our latest genioux Fact post, “g-f(2)2594 Unveiling the Secrets of Genius Teams”. In this post, we delve into the characteristics that set highly effective teams apart, drawing insights from the Harvard Business Review article “What Sets Genius Teams Apart”.

In the g-f New World, where digital transformation is the name of the game, understanding the dynamics of genius teams is crucial. These teams, with their unique blend of raw capacity, scale of aspiration, and generative tension, are the ones leading the charge in this transformative era.

As we navigate through the g-f Transformation Game (g-f TG), the insights from this post will serve as a valuable guide. By understanding and implementing the principles that define genius teams, we can enhance our strategies, foster effective collaboration, and ultimately, win the g-f TG.

So, let’s embark on this journey of unveiling the secrets of genius teams, and together, we can thrive in the g-f New World. Stay tuned!


The Harvard Business Review article “What Sets Genius Teams Apart” by Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg provides a deep dive into the characteristics that distinguish highly effective executive teams. The author, a seasoned psychologist, identifies three key traits that define these “genius teams”.

genioux GK Nugget: 

"Genius teams are characterized by their raw capacity, scale of aspiration and achievement, and the generative tension they maintain." — Fernando Machuca and Copilot, July 8,2024.

genioux Foundational Fact: 

Genius teams are not just about individual brilliance but about the synergy of diverse capabilities. They aspire to make significant impacts and are willing to embrace generative tension to solve larger challenges. This tension, fueled by benevolent friction and conflict, is managed effectively to drive breakthroughs and large-scale achievements.

The 10 Most Relevant genioux Facts:

  1. Genius teams possess raw capacity with each member bringing unique and complementary capabilities.
  2. These teams aspire to achieve on a large scale, acting as agents of breakthroughs.
  3. Generative tension, a constant in their interactions, is a defining trait of genius teams.
  4. This tension is sparked by benevolent friction, conflict, impatience, and well-intentioned intolerance.
  5. Genius teams manage this tension effectively in service of the larger challenges they aim to solve.
  6. The willingness to generate and manage this tension sets genius teams apart.
  7. The generative tension can lead to risks but also rewards.
  8. Leadership teams can avoid common traps associated with generative tension.
  9. The author emphasizes the importance of managing this tension rather than avoiding it.
  10. The article provides insights into how genius teams operate and what sets them apart.


In conclusion, the article “What Sets Genius Teams Apart” offers valuable insights into the workings of highly effective executive teams. It underscores the importance of diverse capabilities, large-scale aspirations, and the management of generative tension. These insights can be instrumental for any team aiming to achieve greatness. Understanding and implementing these principles could be the key to transforming a good team into a genius one.


The g-f GK Context

Merete Wedell-WedellsborgWhat Sets Genius Teams ApartHarvard Business Review, July 8, 2024.


Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg is an adjunct professor of leadership at IMD Business School and the author of numerous HBR articles as well as Battle Mind: How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform Under Pressure (Sage, 2015).

Classical Summary of the Article:

The article "What Sets Genius Teams Apart" from Harvard Business Review, written by Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, a psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with executive teams, explores the characteristics that distinguish highly effective executive teams¹².

According to the author, the most successful executive teams, referred to as "genius teams", are characterized by three main traits¹²:

  1. Raw Capacity: Each member of these teams brings an outstanding capability that complements the capabilities of other team members. This includes top percentile analytical capacity, virtuosity, expertise, tenacity, mental agility, and communication skills².
  2. Scale of Aspiration and Achievement: Genius teams aspire to achieve on a large scale. They are agents of breakthroughs, building companies, funding initiatives, and enacting policies to address large-scale challenges and needs².
  3. Generative Tension: Genius teams are characterized by a constant generative tension in their interactions, sparked by benevolent friction, conflict, impatience, and well-intentioned intolerance².

The author emphasizes that what truly sets genius teams apart is their ability to manage — and willingness to generate — this tension in the service of the larger challenges they're drawn to solve². The article also discusses the risks and rewards of this generative tension, and outlines how leadership teams can avoid the most common traps associated with it².

Source: Conversation with Copilot, 7/9/2024

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Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg is an accomplished clinical psychologist specializing in organizational psychology²³. She holds a PhD in Business Economics from Copenhagen Business School and an MA in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen². With over 20 years of experience in developing executive teams, top leaders, and talents, she has made significant contributions to the fields of leadership development and organizational psychology¹².

In her early career, she worked with the Royal Danish Defence College, testing fighter pilots, developing assessment frameworks for officers, teaching and training battle psychology with cadets, debriefing military units returning from international missions, and being deployed as a crisis psychologist to emergency and disaster situations². 

She is the founder of Wedell-Wedellsborg Consulting, serving clients primarily in the finance and pharmaceutical sectors, and the Danish military³. In 2011, she opened her business psychology practice, working with executives, executive teams, and boards from over 20 leading companies¹.

Currently, she is an Adjunct Professor of Leadership at IMD Business School²³. Her professional and research interests include sustainable high performance, crisis management, ethical leadership, and creating strong bonds and shared identity in top teams².

Merete is the author of the book "Battle Mind: How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform Under Pressure"², as well as numerous articles on the psychology of leadership, ethics, and coping with COVID-19². She is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and is frequently used as an expert in the business press and as a public speaker². Her work reflects a performance-centered approach, based on scientific research, broad case experience, and long-term relationships with select clients¹.

Source: Conversation with Copilot, 7/9/2024

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(3) Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg - Leadership with courage, speed and wisdom.

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