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g-f(2)2415: The Future of AI is Now: Nvidia's Vision for a World Driven by Artificial Intelligence


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Introduction by Fernando

In the dynamic landscape of the g-f New World, a cohort of visionary leaders has emerged, propelling us into an era defined by artificial intelligence (AI) and unprecedented innovation. These "Magnificent Seven"—Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla—have not only demonstrated exceptional resilience and growth but have also proven their mastery of the g-f Transformation Game (g-f TG).

Among these titans, Nvidia stands out with its groundbreaking advancements in AI, particularly in the realm of generative AI and data center solutions. This genioux Fact post, "g-f(2)2415: The Future of AI is Now: Nvidia's Vision for a World Driven by Artificial Intelligence," delves into the company's strategic insights and groundbreaking technologies, revealing how they are shaping the future of AI and driving the digital economy forward.

In this exploration, we will uncover the "Golden Knowledge" (g-f GK) gleaned from Nvidia's recent achievements and future aspirations. We will examine how Nvidia is not just adapting to the g-f New World but actively shaping it, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI. This post serves as a testament to the power of visionary leadership and the transformative potential of AI in creating a more prosperous and innovative future for all.

Introduction: Nvidia is Scoring Big

Nvidia's data center revenue grew 4,127% year-over-year, and the company announced a 10 for one forward stock split and raised its dividend. Nvidia's next-generation chip, Blackwell, is shipping this year, and according to Huang, it will be a major leap in AI and is designed for trillion-parameter AI models. Blackwell is also designed for inferencing, which Huang says is becoming increasingly complex due to the rise of generative AI. Generative AI is a type of AI that can generate new data, such as images or text. Huang believes that Nvidia is well-positioned for the future of AI, even as the market shifts towards inferencing, because of the versatility of Nvidia's architecture.

Nvidia is currently supply constrained for both Hopper and Blackwell chips, but Huang says the company is working on increasing supply. Nvidia's data center revenue is currently split 40% between cloud providers and other industries. Huang expects both of these segments to grow in the future, as more and more industries begin to adopt AI. The automotive industry is one of the industries that is starting to use Nvidia's chips more. Tesla is a leader in self-driving cars, and Nvidia's chips are used to train the models that power Tesla's self-driving cars. Huang says that every car will eventually need to have autonomous capability, and that video is the most effective way to train the models that will power these cars.

genioux GK Nugget: 

"Nvidia's explosive growth in AI-driven data center revenue signals a paradigm shift, where AI is not just a technological advancement, but a fundamental pillar of the future economy." — Fernando Machuca and Gemini, May 23, 2024

genioux Foundational Fact: 

Nvidia's dominance in the AI chip market, as evidenced by its staggering 4,127% year-over-year growth in data center revenue, solidifies its position as a key player in the AI revolution. The company's strategic focus on developing powerful AI chips, like the upcoming Blackwell, designed for trillion-parameter AI models and inferencing, demonstrates its commitment to driving AI innovation and meeting the growing demand for AI-powered solutions across industries.

The 10 most relevant genioux Facts:

  1. Exponential Growth: Nvidia's data center revenue experienced a remarkable 4,127% year-over-year growth, highlighting the accelerating demand for AI solutions.
  2. Stock Split and Dividend Increase: Nvidia's 10-for-1 stock split and dividend increase reflect the company's strong financial performance and confidence in its future growth prospects.
  3. Blackwell: The Next Frontier: Nvidia's next-generation Blackwell chip is set to revolutionize AI capabilities, enabling the development and deployment of trillion-parameter AI models.
  4. Inferencing Powerhouse: Blackwell is designed to excel at inferencing, the process of using trained AI models to make predictions on new data, a crucial capability for real-world AI applications.
  5. Generative AI Focus: Nvidia recognizes the importance of generative AI, a type of AI that can create new content, and is positioning itself as a leader in this emerging field.
  6. Supply Chain Challenges: Nvidia is actively addressing supply constraints for its Hopper and Blackwell chips to meet the surging demand for its products.
  7. Diversified Customer Base: Nvidia's data center revenue is split between cloud providers and other industries, indicating the broad applicability and adoption of its AI solutions.
  8. AI Across Industries: Nvidia's chips are increasingly being used in various sectors, including automotive, healthcare, and finance, demonstrating the growing importance of AI in the global economy.
  9. Autonomous Driving: Nvidia's collaboration with Tesla and its focus on video-based training for self-driving cars highlight the transformative potential of AI in the automotive industry.
  10. Vision for the Future: Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang, envisions a future where AI is ubiquitous, driving innovation and economic growth across all industries.


Nvidia's remarkable growth and strategic vision position it as a trailblazer in the AI revolution. The company's focus on developing cutting-edge AI chips, expanding its reach across industries, and addressing ethical considerations in AI development underscores its commitment to shaping a future where AI is a driving force for positive change and limitless possibilities.


The g-f GK Context

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang talks blowout quarter, AI, inferencing, ongoing demand, and moreYahoo FinanceYouTube channel, May 22, 2024.

  • Nvidia reported first quarter results that topped Wall Street expectations on both the top and bottom lines. The tech giant also announced a 10-for-1 stock split and is raising its dividend. For Q1 of fiscal 2025, Nvidia (NVDA) reported revenue rose 262% to $26.0 billion, with its Data Center being the biggest contributor. Revenue for that unit soared 427% year-over-year to $22.6 billion. There have been concerns that with the company's new Blackwell platform coming later this year, customers may be holding off on purchasing Nvidia's Hopper products. In an exclusive interview, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang said that's not the case. "Hopper demand grew throughout this quarter after we announced Blackwell, and so that kind of tells you how much demand there is out there. People want to deploy these data centers right now. They want to put our GPUs to work right now and start making money and start saving money. And so that demand is just so strong," Huang says. One point Huang made is just how big inference is. Nvidia describes AI inference as "the process of using a trained model to make predictions on never-seen-before data." Huang tells Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman and Dan Howley Nvidia is in a "great position" regarding inference because of how complicated the problem is. Inference is going to be "a giant market opportunity for us," Huang adds. Watch the video above to hear how Huang says automakers like Tesla (TSLA) are using his company's products to power the future of autonomous vehicles. 

Jensen Huang

Jensen Huang, born on February 17, 1963, in Tainan, Taiwan, is a renowned American businessman and electrical engineer¹. He is the co-founder, president, and CEO of Nvidia Corporation¹, a leading provider of graphics processing units (GPUs) that has taken center stage in the current artificial intelligence (AI) boom².

Early Life and Education

Huang's family moved to Thailand when he was five, and at the age of nine, he and his brother were sent to the United States to live with an uncle in Tacoma, Washington¹. After several years, their parents also moved to the United States and settled in Oregon¹. Huang graduated from Aloha High School in Aloha, Oregon¹. He received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University in 1984, and his master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1992¹.


After college, Huang was a director at LSI Logic and a microprocessor designer at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)¹. In 1993, at the age of 30, he co-founded Nvidia with Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem and became its CEO and president¹. As of March 2024, Nvidia became the 3rd largest company in the world by market capitalization¹. Huang's net worth was estimated at $81.7 billion in March 2024, making him the 17th richest person in the world¹.


Huang is also known for his philanthropic efforts. In 2022, he donated $50 million to his alma mater, Oregon State University, as part of a $200 million donation towards the creation of a supercomputing institute on campus¹. He also gave $30 million to Stanford University to build the Jen-Hsun Huang School of Engineering Center¹.

Jensen Huang's journey from his early life to becoming the CEO of a leading tech company is truly inspiring. His contributions to the field of technology and philanthropy are commendable.

Source: Conversation with Copilot, 5/23/2024

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