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In her article "I Tried Microsoft’s New AI-Focused PCs. Windows Is Exciting Again," Joanna Stern explores Microsoft's ambitious push into AI-focused computing with its new Copilot+ PCs. Leveraging Qualcomm’s latest chips, these devices promise improved performance, extended battery life, and enhanced AI capabilities. Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, discusses the competitive edge these innovations bring against Apple's MacBooks, positioning Windows as a rejuvenated, cutting-edge platform.

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"Microsoft's new AI-focused Copilot+ PCs, optimized with Qualcomm's latest chips, transform the computing landscape by integrating powerful on-device AI capabilities, promising a new era of enhanced performance, battery life, and innovation." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT, May 20, 2024

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Microsoft's introduction of AI-focused Copilot+ PCs represents a significant leap in the computing world, driven by Qualcomm’s advanced Arm architecture and new neural processing units (NPUs). These enhancements enable powerful on-device AI processing, which enhances performance, security, and battery life, positioning Windows as a strong competitor to Apple's M-powered MacBooks. This evolution marks a pivotal moment in personal computing, where AI capabilities are seamlessly integrated into daily use.

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  1. AI-Puter Concept: Microsoft's new Copilot+ PCs are designed specifically to handle AI tasks more efficiently than traditional computers.
  2. Enhanced Hardware: The new Copilot+ PCs utilize Qualcomm Snapdragon X series chips based on Arm architecture, which offer better performance and efficiency compared to older x86 Intel or AMD chips.
  3. Improved Battery Life: These new devices promise all-day battery life, cooler operation, and quiet performance, addressing common complaints about previous laptop generations.
  4. On-Device AI Processing: The integration of neural processing units (NPUs) allows complex AI tasks to be handled directly on the laptop, reducing the need for cloud processing and enhancing speed and security.
  5. Recall Feature: A new AI feature in Windows 11, Recall, continuously captures and processes screen content, making it easily searchable without needing cloud storage.
  6. Live Captions: This AI-driven feature can translate 44 languages into English in real-time, useful for video calls and in-person conversations, though it still has some accuracy challenges.
  7. Cocreator Tool: A new addition to Microsoft Paint that uses AI to generate images based on user sketches, enhancing creative possibilities.
  8. Broader AI Integration: Microsoft aims to integrate AI capabilities across various devices, including smart speakers, smartphones, and VR headsets, making AI a ubiquitous part of the computing experience.
  9. Competitive Edge: Microsoft positions its new AI-focused PCs as a strong competitor to Apple's MacBooks, claiming significant performance improvements.
  10. Developer Opportunities: The new platform allows developers to create their own AI applications that leverage the NPU, expanding the ecosystem of AI-powered software.


Microsoft's launch of AI-focused Copilot+ PCs marks a transformative moment in the evolution of personal computing. By integrating Qualcomm's advanced chips and on-device AI capabilities, these new devices promise significant improvements in performance, battery life, and user experience. This strategic move not only reinvigorates the Windows platform but also sets the stage for a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of computing, positioning Microsoft as a formidable competitor in the tech landscape.


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Joanna SternI Tried Microsoft’s New AI-Focused PCs. Windows Is Exciting Again.The Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2024.


Joanna Stern is The Wall Street Journal’s senior personal technology columnist and author of the Tech Things newsletter. She also hosts and produces the Tech Things video series.

Classical Summary

In the Wall Street Journal article "I Tried Microsoft’s New AI-Focused PCs. Windows Is Exciting Again," Joanna Stern reviews Microsoft's latest push into AI-enhanced computing with its new Copilot+ PCs. These new devices, including the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro tablet, are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon X series chips based on the efficient Arm architecture, marking a departure from traditional Intel and AMD x86 chips. The result is a significant boost in performance, battery life, and cool, quiet operation.

A key feature of these new PCs is the integration of neural processing units (NPUs), which enable advanced AI processing directly on the device, reducing reliance on cloud services and enhancing speed and security. This allows for new capabilities in Windows 11, such as Recall, which captures and processes screen content for easy searching, and Live Captions, which provides real-time translation for 44 languages.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella emphasizes that these advancements position the new Copilot+ PCs as serious competitors to Apple's MacBooks, boasting up to 58% faster performance than the latest M3-powered MacBook Air. The AI features are designed to enhance everyday tasks, with tools like Cocreator in Microsoft Paint, which uses AI to assist in creating images from user sketches.

The article highlights Microsoft's strategic shift towards integrating AI more deeply into its hardware and software ecosystem, aiming to make AI capabilities ubiquitous across various devices. With the release of these AI-focused PCs, Microsoft sets a new standard in personal computing, blending cutting-edge hardware with innovative software features to deliver a modern, powerful user experience.

Joanna Stern

Joanna Stern is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the Senior Personal Technology Columnist at The Wall Street Journal¹. She is known for her work in covering the technology industry with a focus on the consumer¹. 

She is the author of the Tech Things newsletter and also hosts and produces the Tech Things video series¹. Her documentary “E-Ternal: A Tech Quest to Live Forever” won the 2021 Emmy in the category of outstanding science, technology, or environmental coverage¹³. 

Before joining The Wall Street Journal in 2013, she was the technology editor at ABC News and before that a reviewer and editor at The Verge¹. She often appears on national television and radio programs as an NBC News and CNBC contributor¹. 

She has won two Gerald Loeb awards for her technology writing and videos¹. Joanna Stern was born on December 5, 1984⁴, and she currently lives in New Jersey with her wife, sons, and dog¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/20/2024

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