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g-f(2)2401 g-f Fishing in the AI Race: Navigating the Rapidly Evolving Landscape (5/19/2024)


genioux Fact post by Fernando Machuca and Claude

Introduction by Fernando:

g-f Fishing, or Golden Knowledge Fishing, is a powerful concept within the genioux facts program that empowers individuals to actively seek out and harness valuable information and insights from the vast digital landscape. The core philosophy behind g-f Fishing is that by proactively searching for and engaging with relevant, high-quality knowledge, individuals can accelerate their personal and professional growth in the rapidly evolving digital age.

The process of g-f Fishing involves several key elements:

  1. Identifying sources of Golden Knowledge (g-f GK): This crucial step involves recognizing the most reliable and informative sources of knowledge, such as industry experts, thought leaders, and reputable publications. By carefully curating a diverse range of trusted sources, individuals can ensure that the knowledge they acquire is both accurate and valuable.
  2. Developing effective search strategies:  To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of g-f Fishing, individuals must learn to use advanced search techniques and tools to quickly locate relevant information.
  3. Evaluating and synthesizing information: Once valuable knowledge has been identified, it must be carefully assessed for accuracy, relevance, and potential applications. This critical step involves analyzing the information, comparing it with other sources, and combining insights from multiple perspectives to create a comprehensive understanding of a topic. By synthesizing information in this way, individuals can develop a more nuanced and holistic view of complex issues.
  4. Applying and sharing knowledge: The ultimate goal of g-f Fishing is to put the acquired knowledge into practice, using it to inform decision-making, drive innovation, and facilitate personal and organizational growth. However, the impact of g-f Fishing extends beyond individual benefits. By sharing the knowledge gained through this process with others, individuals can amplify its impact, foster a culture of continuous learning, and contribute to the collective intelligence of their communities and networks.

By engaging in g-f Fishing, individuals can tap into the vast resources of the digital age and acquire the Golden Knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of the g-f New World. This process of continuous learning and adaptation is essential for navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the ongoing digital transformation, and for achieving success in both personal and professional endeavors.

In this genioux Fact post the digital genius Claude demonstrates brilliant skills to extract golden knowledge (g-f GK) from a list of golden knowledge containers fished by Fernando. Through this showcase of g-f Fishing in action, readers can witness the transformative power of this approach and gain valuable insights into the AI race that is reshaping industries and society as a whole.


The AI race is heating up as major tech companies like Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, and others compete to dominate the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. From generative AI and AI-powered search to AI assistants and AI-in-a-box solutions, the AI revolution is reshaping industries, transforming the internet, and raising important questions about safety, security, and the future of work.

genioux GK Nugget:

"The AI race is accelerating, with tech giants and startups alike investing heavily in AI technologies that promise to revolutionize industries, transform the internet, and reshape the future of work, while also raising critical concerns about safety, security, and the potential impact on jobs." — Fernando Machuca and Claude, May 19, 2024

genioux Foundational Fact:

The AI race is intensifying as major players like Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, and others compete to develop and deploy advanced AI technologies. Google is rolling out AI search summaries to billions of users, while OpenAI and Google present differing visions for AI assistants. China's AI groups are selling "AI-in-a-box" solutions that threaten the cloud strategies of tech giants, and concerns are growing about data security, job displacement, and the prioritization of "shiny products" over safety in the rush to dominate the AI landscape.

The 10 most relevant genioux Facts:

  1. 71% of leaders prefer hiring Gen Z candidates with AI skills over Millennials with more related industry experience.
  2. Google will show AI-powered answers to billions of search engine users by the end of the year.
  3. Funding for generative AI jumped to $25.2 billion in 2023, an eightfold increase from the previous year.
  4. OpenAI and Google shared differing visions for advanced AI assistants at dueling events.
  5. Perplexity AI, a startup building an AI-powered search engine, has created an advisory board with high-profile tech veterans.
  6. 80% of companies say data security is the top issue when implementing AI solutions.
  7. The US Air Force demonstrated a fighter plane piloted by AI in a recent training exercise.
  8. China's AI groups are selling "AI-in-a-box" products that threaten the cloud strategies of big tech companies.
  9. Sony Music warned AI companies and streaming platforms not to use the company's content without permission.
  10. OpenAI has dissolved its "Superalignment" team focused on ensuring the safety of future ultra-capable AI systems.


The AI race is rapidly transforming the technology landscape, with major players and startups investing heavily in AI technologies that promise to revolutionize industries and reshape the future of work. As the competition intensifies, concerns are growing about data security, job displacement, and the prioritization of rapid innovation over safety. The debate over open source AI models and the unauthorized use of copyrighted content further complicate the landscape. As the AI revolution unfolds, it will be critical for companies, policymakers, and society as a whole to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by these powerful new technologies, ensuring that the benefits are widely shared while mitigating potential risks and negative impacts.


The g-f GK Context

In this genioux Fact post, we explore the concept of g-f Fishing, or Golden Knowledge Fishing, and its application in extracting valuable insights from the rapidly evolving landscape of the AI race. The context provided is a curated list of recent news articles, reports, and analyses from various sources, spanning topics such as AI skills in the workforce, the competitive dynamics between major tech companies, AI-powered search and assistants, AI safety concerns, and the potential impact of AI on industries and society as a whole.

The articles highlight the intensifying competition between tech giants like Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, and others as they race to develop and deploy advanced AI technologies. Key developments include Google's rollout of AI search summaries to billions of users, the differing visions presented by OpenAI and Google for AI assistants, and the emergence of "AI-in-a-box" solutions from Chinese AI groups that threaten the cloud strategies of big tech companies.

The context also sheds light on the growing concerns surrounding the AI race, such as data security risks, the potential for job displacement, and the prioritization of rapid innovation over safety. The dissolution of OpenAI's "Superalignment" team focused on ensuring the safety of future ultra-capable AI systems raises questions about the company's commitment to responsible AI development.

Other notable topics covered in the context include the increasing importance of AI skills in the workforce, with leaders preferring to hire candidates with AI expertise over those with more traditional industry experience; the debate over open-source AI models; and the unauthorized use of copyrighted content in training AI systems, as highlighted by Sony Music's warning to AI companies and streaming platforms.

As the AI race continues to unfold, the context provided offers a valuable snapshot of the key trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping this dynamic landscape. By applying the principles of g-f Fishing to this rich tapestry of information, individuals and organizations can extract valuable insights and golden knowledge to inform their strategies, decision-making, and innovation efforts in the age of AI.

The Treasure Trove of g-f GK Containers Fished:

  1. Forbes, 5 Reasons Careers Must ‘Adapt To’ Or ‘Die From’ AI Skills, Experts Say, May 19, 2024.
    • It’s time to do or die on the vine. Just like with the technological revolution, it’s time for many workers to adapt, according to experts. This is the year of AI, and employees who lack AI skills are falling behind to AI. As Gen Z enter the workforce, new data shows that 71% of leaders prefer hiring Gen Z candidates with AI skills over Millennials with more related industry experience. The Wall Street Journal reports lower salaries and fewer positions for tech job seekers who don’t have AI skills.
  2. TC, OpenAI and Google lay out their competing AI visions, May 18, 2024.
    • This week had two major events from OpenAI and Google. OpenAI’s spring update event saw the reveal of its new model, GPT-4o, which has voice and vision capabilities that can turn ChatGPT into a virtual assistant seemingly aspiring to be “Her.” Hot off OpenAI’s tail, Google’s I/O conference featured a smattering of announcements and integrations for its flagship model, Gemini.
    • This week also saw some major shake-ups at AWS and OpenAI. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky is stepping down and will be replaced by AWS sales chief Matt Garman. And OpenAI co-founder and longtime chief scientist Ilya Sutskever has departed the company along with Jan Leike. Sutskever will be replaced by Jakub Pachocki, OpenAI’s director of research.
    • There was also a significant shift at Meta. TechCrunch exclusively reported that the company is shutting down its enterprise communications business, Workplace. It makes us wonder if Meta was ever really serious about its enterprise ambitions.
  3. WSJ, Google to Roll Out AI Search Summaries to Billions by Year-End, May 14, 2024.
    • New artificial-intelligence features are set to reshape the lucrative internet-search business
    • Google will show artificial-intelligence-powered answers to billions of people using its namesake search engine by the end of the year, broadening its rollout of the technology as it tries to fend off growing competition in its core business.
  4. Forbes, It's Time To Plan For An AI And Quantum Future, May 16, 2024.
    • It's no secret that AI is being adopted and developed at an astonishing rate. According to Stanford University's 2024 AI Index Report, funding for generative AI experienced a significant increase in 2023, jumping to $25.2 billion, marking an eightfold increase from the previous year.
    • By now, every company (hopefully) has an AI plan in place, but it's time to start thinking about where quantum computing fits into that plan. Companies that can envision how quantum computing and AI could be used together—and invest in both—will be well-positioned to gain a competitive edge by drawing on the technologies' combined advantages while addressing energy demands.
  5. Bloomberg, OpenAI and Google Differ on How AI Assistants Should Behave, May 16, 2024.
    • The rivals shared their visions for the next wave of AI products during dueling events this week. 
    • Google and OpenAI teased their visions for more advanced AI assistants at dueling events this week, with some key differences.
  6. Bloomberg, AI Search Startup Adds Veterans of Google, Bing as Advisers, May 16, 2024.
    • Perplexity’s new advisory board includes ex-executives from its biggest competitors. 
    • Perplexity AI, a startup using artificial intelligence to build a search engine to rival Alphabet Inc.’s Google, is creating an advisory board with several high-profile tech veterans to help the company grow in an increasingly competitive space.
  7. CNBC, Bill Gates: ‘You need to read’ this new book about AI and education, May 19, 2024.
    • The Microsoft co-founder recently took to social media to tout “Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education (And Why That’s a Good Thing),” which published last week. The book was written by Sal Khan, the founder and CEO of education nonprofit Khan Academy — which is developing an experimental AI chatbot tutor called Khanmigo.
    • “If you’re passionate about education, you need to read this book,” Gates wrote on social media platform X. “Sal offers a compelling vision for harnessing AI to expand opportunity for all.”
  8. Forbes, 3 High-Income Skills In 2024 That AI Can’t Replace, May 16, 2024.
    • An estimated 22% of workers stated that they feared the risk of AI (artificial intelligence) taking their job, while 72% of Fortune 500 Chief Human Resources Officers predicted that AI could indeed replace roles within their organization within the next three years, in a recent Gallup survey released in February.
    • These high-income skills can be applied in a wide variety of contexts, so even if your job becomes obsolete, you can transfer them elsewhere—as long as you start demonstrating them now.
      1. Problem-Solving Skills
      2. Personal Branding Skills
      3. Communication Skills
  9. WSJ, Reddit to Give OpenAI Access to Its Data in Licensing Deal, May 16, 2024.
    • OpenAI will become a Reddit advertising partner
    • Reddit says it signed a deal with OpenAI to give the artificial-intelligence startup access to its data, following similar arrangements it made with Google and public-relations software firm Cision.
  10. WSJ, CoreWeave Raises $7.5 Billion in Debt for AI Computing Push, May 17, 2024.
    • Deal is one of the largest-ever private debt financings
    • CoreWeave, an artificial-intelligence cloud-computing startup backed by Nvidia, has raised $7.5 billion from investors including Blackstone, Carlyle Group and BlackRock in one of the largest-ever private debt financings. 
    • The new debt financing follows a $1.1 billion equity funding round two weeks ago that valued the fast-growing company at $19 billion. Last year CoreWeave did another debt financing deal worth $2.3 billion.
  11. Bloomberg, Snowflake Is in Talks to Buy Reka AI for $1 Billion, May 16, 2024.
    • Snowflake Inc. is in talks to acquire startup Reka AI for more than $1 billion, expanding the software maker’s effort to offer generative AI capabilities, according to people familiar with the matter.
  12. Bloomberg, Abu Dhabi’s $302 Billion Fund Deepens AI and Private Credit Push, May 17, 2024.
    • Mubadala Investment Co. deployed 89 billion dirhams ($24.2 billion) last year into a range of sectors including private credit and artificial intelligence, an area where Abu Dhabi is seeking to make greater inroads.
  13. WSJ, Microsoft Asks Hundreds of China-Based AI Staff to Consider Relocating Amid U.S.-China Tensions, May 16, 2024.
    • Request comes as Biden administration toughens controls on China’s access to cutting-edge American technology
    • Microsoft is asking hundreds of employees in its China-based cloud-computing and artificial-intelligence operations to consider transferring outside the country, as the American tech behemoth finds itself caught in the crosshairs of escalating U.S.-China tensions.
  14. Bloomberg, AI-Led Tech Craze Leaves Mega Indian Software Stocks in the Dust, May 16, 2024.
    • Gauge of IT stocks has fallen into correction and still pricey
    • Earnings, valuations ‘at risk’ from failure to evolve: Choksey
    • Shares of India’s vaunted IT outsourcing firms are facing a reality check, as global investors’ rush into the artificial intelligence theme starts to leave pricey old-economy tech stocks behind.
  15. WSJ, Baidu Posts Quarterly Beat, Helped by AI Pursuits, May 16, 2024.
    • The Beijing-based company’s bottom line was hurt by a decline in fair-value gains from long-term investments
    • Chinese search-engine giant Baidu reported a drop in quarterly profit, but beat top- and bottom-line estimates, helped by stable online marketing revenue and rising sales from its AI Cloud business.
  16. CNBC, The biggest risk corporations see in gen AI usage isn’t hallucinations, May 16, 2024.
    • Generative artificial intelligence’s flip side includes hallucinations, code errors, copyright infringement, and perpetuated bias. 
    • But what organizations worry about most is data leaks. 
    • Eighty percent of companies say data security is the top issue, and nearly half (45%) encountered unintended data exposure when implementing AI solutions, according to recent executive surveys.
  17. The Motley Fool, Surprise: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Might Already Be Used to Allocate Your Retirement Savings, May 19, 2024.
    • Popular chat-based AI tools like ChatGPT or Gemini appear to be well-versed in assisting investors.
    • This technology, however, isn’t as interactive or as detailed as most investors need them to be.
    • Current and future retirees would be better served by using tools built from the ground up to help them optimally handle their retirement savings.
  18. Voice of America (VoA), US Air Force Shows Fighter Plane Piloted by AI, May 18, 2024.
    • Two American Air Force fighter airplanes recently flew into the sky above California. The military planes were taking part in training, practicing a wartime maneuver called a dogfight. One of the planes had a human pilot inside. The other did not. It was operated by artificial intelligence, or AI, software. A human was in the airplane’s other seat. The Air Force was demonstrating how far its AI piloting technology has come.
  19. El País, Apple enters the generative AI race, May 17, 2024.
    • Analysts expect a total update to Siri and an agreement with OpenAI or Google to integrate chatbots into the iPhone
    • Tim Cook, the U.S. company’s CEO, just announced that the firm will soon go public with its next steps in the new field of open AI. That will take place on June 10, at the opening of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, when the new features of iOS 18, the latest iPhone operating system, will be announced.
  20. Barron's, Google Is Hitting Back in the AI Race. Travel Could See the First Big Change., May 17, 2024.
    • Google’s keynote session on Tuesday featured a travel tool that will draw on all the company’s data on flights, hotels, local attractions, and weather—not to mention your Gmail—to plan and map out itineraries. If popular, such travel tools would create new placements for the search ads that bring Alphabet $200 billion a year.
  21. Seeking Alpha, Nvidia: What AMD's Q1 Flop Says About The AI Race Winner, May 18, 2024.
    • NVDA dominates the AI chip market, consistently outpacing competitors like AMD with superior products. NVDA's focus on AI-optimised GPUs and its robust CUDA framework creates a significant competitive moat. Expanding opportunities in AI, cloud computing, biotech, and IoT highlight NVDA's vast growth potential. NVDA's technological edge and established ecosystem protect against new competitors.
  22. NYT, Loneliness Is a Problem That A.I. Won’t Solve, May 18, 2024.
    • What if even a tiny portion of the billions being spent developing A.I. chatbots could be spent on human and physical things we already know help loneliness? As Klinenberg put it, to help lonely and isolated people, we should be investing in things like collaborative housing, parks, libraries and other kinds of accessible social infrastructures that can help people of all ages build connectedness.
  23. BBC, We'll need universal basic income - AI 'godfather', May 18, 2024.
    • The computer scientist regarded as the “godfather of artificial intelligence” says the government will have to establish a universal basic income to deal with the impact of AI on inequality.
    • Professor Geoffrey Hinton told BBC Newsnight that a benefits reform giving fixed amounts of cash to every citizen would be needed because he was “very worried about AI taking lots of mundane jobs”.
  24. FT, China’s ‘AI-in-a-box’ products threaten Big Tech’s cloud growth strategies, May 18, 2024.
    • Huawei leads trend of providing companies with means to power their own artificial intelligence apps rather than through public cloud
    • China’s artificial intelligence groups are selling “AI-in-a-box” products for companies to run on their own premises, in a threat to the AI cloud computing services offered by the country’s big tech groups such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.
  25. WSJ, Think AI Can Perceive Emotion? Think Again., May 16, 2024.
    • Training algorithms on stereotypical facial expressions is bound to mislead.
    • So-called emotion AI systems already exist, and some are specifically designed for job interviews. Other emotion AI products try to create more empathic chatbots, build more precise medical treatment plans and detect confused students in classrooms. But there’s a catch: The best available scientific evidence indicates that there are no universal expressions of emotion.
  26. yahoo!finance, The Motley Fool, 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks That Could Go Parabolic, May 18, 2024.
    • We don't encounter the good old parabola often in life as adults. But investors might have an opportunity to see geometry in action with a select group of stocks. These three artificial intelligence (AI) stocks (listed in descending order by market cap) could go parabolic with a rapid increase in price over a short period.
      1. UiPath
      2. Holdings
      3. Stem
  27. New York, Intelligencer, Google Is About to Change the Whole Internet — Again The company’s all-in investment in AI., May 18, 2024.
    • Any revision of Google’s search engine is consequential. The search box is one of the main interfaces through which people interact with the internet, their computers, and their phones. 
    • This half-step has been treated as a watershed event in the press, since Google’s role in the web, as both a distributor and monetizer of attention, is massive, contentious, and maybe about to change.
  28. AXIOS, AI eats the web, May 17, 2024.
    • Google's shift toward AI-generated search results, displacing the familiar list of links, is rewiring the internet — and could accelerate the decline of the 30+-year-old World Wide Web.
  29. The Guardian, OpenAI putting ‘shiny products’ above safety, says departing researcher, May 18, 2024.
    • A former senior employee at OpenAI has said the company behind ChatGPT is prioritising “shiny products” over safety, revealing that he quit after a disagreement over key aims reached “breaking point”.
  30. Bloomberg, OpenAI Dissolves High-Profile Safety Team After Chief Scientist Sutskever’s Exit, May 17, 2024.
    • “Superalignment” group will be folded into broader research efforts at the company. 
    • OpenAI has effectively dissolved a team focused on ensuring the safety of possible future ultra-capable artificial intelligence systems, following the departure of the group’s two leaders, including OpenAI co-founder and chief scientist, Ilya Sutskever.
  31. Bloomberg, Sony Music Warns Companies to Stop Training AI on Its Artists’ Content, May 16, 2024.
    • Unauthorized use deprives Sony Music and its artists of “control and compensation” of their content, according to the company.
    • Sony Music Group, one of the world’s biggest record labels, warned artificial intelligence companies and music streaming platforms not to use the company’s content without explicit permission.
  32. NYT, Openwashing, May 19, 2024.
    • An accusation against some A.I. companies that they are using the “open source” label too loosely.
    • There’s a big debate in the tech world over whether artificial intelligence models should be “open source.”
    • Proponents of open source A.I. models say they’re more equitable and safer for society, while detractors say they are more likely to be abused for malicious intent.

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