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g-f(2)2321 Governing the Unpredictable: Adaptive Frameworks for AI


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The inherent unpredictability of AI demands a revolution in our approach to governance. In her insightful TED Talk, Helen Toner, Director of Strategy at Georgetown's Center for Security and Emerging Technology, underscores the need for regulatory frameworks that can adapt alongside rapidly advancing AI technology.  Traditional models focused on predictability and rigid rules are no longer sufficient in this dynamic landscape.

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"Governing AI effectively requires a departure from traditional, rigid regulatory approaches; it necessitates flexible frameworks designed for the inherent unpredictability of AI and a focus on outcomes, not solely on specific technologies." — Fernando Machuca and Gemini, May 2, 2024

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The unpredictable nature of AI necessitates a fundamental shift in our approach to governance. To effectively regulate AI, traditional models that focus on rigid rules and specific technologies must be replaced by flexible, adaptive frameworks that prioritize desired outcomes.  This outcome-oriented approach, paired with a focus on continuous monitoring and risk assessment, allows for proactive mitigation of potential harms while fostering responsible innovation.

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  1. Unpredictable Trajectory: AI systems often evolve in unforeseen ways and can exhibit unexpected behaviors.
  2. Traditional Oversight Falls Short: Regulatory models designed for predictable technologies are ill-suited to the dynamic nature of AI.
  3. Outcome-Focused Governance: AI regulation should prioritize outcomes and potential harms rather than focusing solely on specific technologies.
  4. Emphasis on Agility: Regulators must be prepared to adapt and revise frameworks as AI systems evolve and their impact becomes clearer.
  5. Proactive, Not Reactive: Governance efforts should anticipate potential risks and aim for proactive mitigation instead of simply reacting to issues as they arise.
  6. Global Collaboration is Key: The transboundary nature of AI necessitates worldwide collaboration on governance standards and principles.
  7. Risk Assessment Tools: The development of tools and methodologies to assess AI risks and inform regulatory decisions is crucial.
  8. Monitoring and Auditing: Continuous monitoring and auditing of AI systems will be essential for ensuring adherence to ethical guidelines.
  9. Explainability and Transparency: Fostering explainability in AI, especially for high-stakes systems, promotes understanding and allows for potential issues to surface.
  10. Trust is Paramount: Building public trust in AI and AI governance is essential for successful long-term implementation and adoption.


Helen Toner's call to action challenges policymakers, technologists, and the public to embrace a new governance paradigm in the age of AI. The unpredictable nature of this transformative technology necessitates flexible regulatory frameworks that emphasize agility, outcomes, and collaboration on a global scale. By prioritizing proactive, outcome-focused governance, we can foster a future where AI's transformative potential is harnessed responsibly while mitigating potential risks – a goal that requires global collaboration and a shared commitment to adaptive governance.

Classical Summary

In her TED Talk, Helen Toner tackles the challenge of governing artificial intelligence (AI). She highlights that AI often progresses in ways difficult to predict, rendering traditional regulatory models inadequate. Toner calls for a change in mindset, favoring an adaptive, outcome-based approach to regulating AI rather than focusing solely on the technology itself. She urges policymakers to create flexible systems prioritizing continuous learning and international collaboration on these issues. The goal is to responsibly maximize AI's potential while minimizing potential harms.


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  • No one truly understands AI, not even experts, says Helen Toner, an AI policy researcher and former board member of OpenAI. But that doesn't mean we can't govern it. She shows how we can make smart policies to regulate this technology even as we struggle to predict where it's headed — and why the right actions, right now, can shape the future we want.

Helen Toner

Helen Toner is an Australian researcher known for her significant contributions to AI policy research². She served as a board member of OpenAI and was the Director of Strategy at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET)¹³⁴.

Toner has deep expertise in AI policy and global AI strategy research¹. She oversaw CSET’s data-driven AI policy research, providing nonpartisan analysis to the policy community¹. Prior to her role at CSET, she advised policymakers and grantmakers on AI strategy while at Open Philanthropy⁴.

In addition to her work in the United States, Toner has studied the AI landscape in China and is a trusted voice on national security implications for AI and ML between China and the United States¹. She has co-authored papers stressing the importance of finding new methods to test AI models, advocating for information sharing on AI accidents, and collaboration across borders to minimize risk¹.

Toner's work has been instrumental in shaping the discourse around AI policy and strategy, making her a key figure in the field¹²³⁴.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/2/2024
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